Wednesday, May 21, 2008

eBay is at it again...

eBay has a master plan, and they are executing it in small steps. The final goal of this plan is still a mystery, but the more changes they roll out, the more I feel like my small business isn't welcome there anymore.

Yesterday they announced that starting in July you can no longer have links to outside websites on your About Me page, which was the only place on eBay where you could link to your own website or blog legally. I can't even include outside links in the eBay store newsletter I send out every week, so I have to type cumbersome instructions to people when I talk about things - "Just click over to my About Me page to get the link to my website to visit my blog/Etsy shop" - bleh!

And now I won't even be able to do that.

They also announced changes to the rules about listing multiple items, which I find completely confusing. I would take the time to research it, but I'm too busy getting set up on

I love eBay. I still think it is the best online marketplace in the world for finding things that you can't find anywhere else, and I love selling (and shopping!) there. The majority of buyers and sellers on the site are amazing, honest people. I'm scared that eBay is going to drive off all those good people, and in the end we will be left with only big box sellers!

I'm not leaving eBay, but I am going to give OLA a try - I'll keep you posted!


Mama Brook said...

geez, thanks for letting me know. I've got a bunch of outside links on my page. Guess I better take them off. Can't they just be happy with the billions they're making and leave us little guys alone???

AuctionWally said...

You can still leave outside links on your eBay auctions. Here is the deal though, the link has to go to a page that educates the reader in some way about the item your linking to, and it can't entice the buyer to try to buy the item off of eBay.
The new ban on outside links won't go into effect until July.
I'm with you on OLA though, it looks pretty good and I'm going to give it a try.

Mitzi said...

Sorry Walt, I read the FAQ again and it says:

The Links Policy also requires sellers to include all information relevant to the item or service being sold within the item description. Links to pages that further describe the item or include additional terms and conditions for the sale are not permitted.

Here is the link:

Monica said...

wow I cannot believe all the changes on ebay, I want to start again but i have been so busy, is Esty any good at all????