Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I feel loved. :)

I'm feelin the love, from several different places!

Etsy Vintage Street Team:
My turn as featured shop of the week on the street team blog resulted in an awesome post where I got to talk about my business, and also having one of my items chosen as a Daily Dose!

Auction Wally:
My good friend Walt from the Auction Wally podcast just started writing for a site called the Examiner, and he did a post about the sci-fi magazines I had up at auction called 'How Come She Can Sell That But I Never Could?' - too funny, as Walt often is, and he makes some great points about how personality affects an online business.

Vintage Indie:
I bought some ad space on Vintage Indie, and as part of the package I got a VI Headliner blog post about my business - how cool is that?

Auction Moms Newsletter:
I got an email saying that the Striving For 5's graphic I made to put in my eBay auctions was discussed in the Auction Moms newsletter! I'm glad that other people are finding it helpful, we need all the help we can get on eBay these days! ;)

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