Sunday, May 4, 2008

New auctions this week...

We didn't hit our goal of 90 auction listings this last week. I could tell we weren't going to make it by the time Thursday was rolling around, so I dug out some really great stuff that I have been sitting on to try to make up for it!

I've had this Fire-King vitrock Red Flower Pots range set (a grease jar and salt and pepper shakers) for a while now, and I was hoping to find the sugar and flour shakers to make the complete set... apparently they are pretty hard to find, because the ones that did pop up were always out of my price range. So I decided to go ahead and list what I have, it's a great set just as it is!

I've also been working on building a Hazel Atlas milk glass shaker set, they are decorated with black roosters, which are coming back in a big way right now for people that are decorating retro style kitchens. I was able to find large range size salt, pepper, sugar, and flour shakers, and also 6 smaller spice jar shakers! It wasn't easy, let me tell ya - but the result was so worth the work - it's a great set!

I found this awesome vintage Redmon picnic basket at a sale, and decided to fill it with goodies - one auction and you have most of what you need to have a fun retro style picnic! There's a tablecloth, a set of 4 green metal divided plates, some Lustro Ware tumblers, a pair of cute little vintage Tupperware salt and pepper shakers... Sorry I couldn't include any yummies, you will have to take care of those yourself... ;)

Remember the red metal cake saver I showed you guys a while back?

Well I cleaned it up - I got the grime off, but of course some of the paint came off with it. I was really bummed, but it was just too dirty as it was, I had to do it! I still love it, those graphics won my heart and nothing can change that, and I know it will end up in just the right vintage style kitchen eventually...

Some of the other gems I got listed are a Ransburg ceramic cookie jar, an RRP ceramic cookie jar, several Taylor Smith & Taylor bowls in their perfectly atomic Cathay pattern, a pair of Hazel Atlas juice decanters, a Pyrex Flameware coffee pot... the list goes on and on as always! Click here to check it all out...

Before I go, I also listed some Corelle dishes, I don't know how many of you are fans, I am 100% through and through, in fact we use the exact same set that my Mom used when I was growing up! That's how great Corelle is - it lasts forever!

Anyway... have you seen the commercial they are running now for their new designs? They have models on a catwalk showing off the dishes - but they greased the runway so one of them falls right on her unpadded tush... The plate doesn't break though, of course! Priceless, I laugh every time I see it... ;)

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