Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring/Summer Vintage Clothing Collection is Here!!

Yes, finally! I have started listing the spring and summer clothes that I have been stockpiling all year. I am so sad that I am not a size 4 or 6... most of the dresses I have came from one estate, and they are small - if you are tiny it is your lucky day!

The sale where I found them was great, they just had a few pieces outside with the rest of the things, and when I grabbed them the lady running the sale said, "I have a lot more clothes inside, I didn't bring them out because they are so outdated."

Score! Music to my ears...

I bought them all of course. ;)

This floral dress is so perfect for summer, and it comes with 2 belts!

This one has the cutest little keyhole button sleeves!

This beaded evening dress is amazing - and it comes with a sheer cape!

This party dress is actually a medium, maybe a 10 or 12... it doesn't have any tags but it sure looks like one from the 50's to me - check out that bow!

There's lots more, and you want to know the kicker? I still have more to list! I should get them all up by the end of the week...

I also listed one of the paper mache trays that I got in Springfield... It's got a bid and lots of watchers, I'm excited to see where it ends!

There's lots more - a set of Edwin Knowles Plaid dishes, several lots of Volkswagen magazines, a few vintage cookbooks... we didn't hit our goal of 90 auctions, but we did get closer than we have in the past couple of weeks! ;)


Anonymous said...

You DID score! I can't believe she said she had a lot more but didn't bring them out because "they were so outdated". In this day and age of ebay it's almost a miracle to still find people like her! Usually if you find a vintage dress at a sale these days you get...."They sell those for a lot of money on ebay". How exciting when you find a sale like that! I would have been thinking...."Just get in the house QUICK before anyone realizes what she just said!"

Mama Brook said...

Those are all so cute!!!

I know thanks to ebay and price books most estate sales around here are over priced BIGTIME, lucky you!

Little Rascal said...

That first dress is almost to die for.