Friday, May 15, 2009

FINALLY - A vintage Ouija Board I can justify keeping!

I know I've talked about how I want a vintage Ouija board to put on top of the bookshelf in my bedroom - and I also know I've talked about how I can never justify keeping any that I find because they sell too well. (The vintage dealer's constant dilemma!)

Well, guess what?

Today I found one I'm keeping - my reasons might be a little nitpicky, but they work for me:

#1: - The planchette is missing its plastic insert:

#2: It was only 25 cents!! Here's the proof:

From what I can tell it is an original William Fuld board - the one that Parker Brothers used to create theirs by - from the 1950's or around there. It's HUGE - 15"x22" - definitely the largest I have seen yet, and making it that much more perfect for display!

Yes, I am happy. I'm in thrifting nirvana, actually.


AnnaVallance said...

What a great buy! I wish I was that lucky.

Cliff Aliperti said...

Ah, I remember the box even and especially remember my cousins and I freaking out my little sister with it at the old family gatherings at my grandmothers. Not sure if it was originally my Dad's or my Uncle's, but have a feeling it hit the scrap heap many years back.

Thanks, cool memory for me!

fitzcharming said...

Very nice! I've never seen an old one for sale at any of the tag sales I've been to. Looks like an excellent find and the price is definitely right.

poopisan said...

soooo, you found my holy grail. i'll still keep looking for one almost as good. aw shucks!

Aiden said...

How neat!! We just found the same board in our garage, it's gotta be at least 45 years old. Ours is not in nearly as good condition as yours, though. It's been chewed by rats on one side, and more than likely has hantavirus bacteria on it. You're so lucky!