Sunday, May 31, 2009

New goodness up at auction this week!

Events conspired against me listing auctions this week - overwhelming desires to clean stuff, Memorial Day, Auctiva deciding to charge ridiculous amounts of money and forcing me to figure out how to re-list 600 store listings in 30 days... You know, the usual stuff.

But, I did list some goodies...

Vintage Lefton Ceramic Puppy Dog Cookie Jar

Vintage McCoy Pottery Owl Cookie Jar

I actually found these 4 Kokeshi dolls at the flea market on Monday - they all have bobble heads, and magnets on their bottoms, which is pretty neat!

Vintage Magnetic Bobble Head Kokeshi Doll - Girl With Pigtails

Vintage Magnetic Bobble Head Kokeshi Doll - Girl With Green Hair Bows

Vintage Magnetic Bobble Head Kokeshi Doll - Girl With Red Hair Bows

Vintage Magnetic Bobble Head Kokeshi Doll - Boy (I think?) In Black

There's a few more things, I'll let you just click on over to check out the rest... :)


leah said...

fun stuff! will be watching these!

spearmint baby said...

i am passing my One Lovely Blog award on to you because i love your blog:)

check out: today

nicolette said...

Kokeshi dolls are my favorite. Do you have any other collection?


Kat Simpson said...

I had this EXACT Cookie Jar last year with a crack/chip in the VERY SAME place - twilight zone moment!

Helen said...

Hi Mitzi,

I see your tweets & really wish I hadn't missed out on the owl...I have a friend who would've loved it. Can you let me know if you find another?

Did you decide to stay with Auctiva? As I'm sure you've already heard, Vendio has a great offer for Auctiva sellers:

You could perhaps open a free Vendio store? I'm super excited because we're releasing our bulk import feature.

Anyway, that was a Vendio plug, but as a fan of vintage pieces...please let me know if you come across that type of owl (wooden, carved) again.



design4home said...
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