Monday, May 4, 2009

Photos of my spaces at the Barn - finally!!

Yes, that's right, I actually remembered to take my camera with me when I went down to the Antique Barn today to pay my bill and add some new items... I know, I could hardly believe it myself! ;)

From the 8th through the 30th of April I sold 7 items for a grand total (minus commission) of $59.71. In other words, I sold enough to pay half my rent. A little disappointing, but I'm going to hold out through May, which is supposed to be their busiest month, plus it will be a full month worth of sales. If I don't sell enough to make rent again, I will have to reconsider the whole plan... so wish me luck!

Here is my inside space. I actually got a new neighbor on the right hand side of me, she really jammed her space full - there is just enough room to step in and turn around. I wanted mine to be more open, I didn't want people to have to squeeze in, or worry about their purses or elbows knocking stuff off the shelves. I get the logic of it though - more items = more money and all that...

The wall is kind if interesting - covered in chicken wire, as you can see. I was going to hang those framed prints I took down there today, but decided I didn't have nails that were sturdy enough.

I debated on bringing that patchwork quilt home to list online, but decided against it - if it doesn't sell this month I probably will though!

Most everything here is stuff I had listed online for a while that didn't sell for whatever reason... Lots of great never used Fire-King, a couple cake carriers, a pitcher and glasses set, etc.

This is my area outside on the covered porch. I have two of these big black shelves, with a bit of room to stand in front of them. I put all the "outside" type stuff here - picnic baskets, planters - plus some other odds and ends that won't get hurt if they get damp.

Here is the 2nd shelf... see the Melmac dish set? Someone left an empty pop can in one of the cups. Wasn't that nice of them?

So there you have it - definitely not on par with the gorgeous booths in the big antique malls, but I think they look pretty nice for what they are... and they definitely look equally as good as the other spaces, so I can sleep easy! ;)


Tikimama said...

Your spaces look neat, and I like that you have room to move around! I was in an antique mall a couple of weeks ago, and I kept bumping into things, and it made me uncomfortable.

Lisa said...

Your booths both inside and out look great! Nice and neat! Good luck in May!

leah said...

i think your space looks great! i struggle between the 'jam it in there' and 'let it breathe' too. i think this is great!

The Empty Envelope said...

Looks wonderful!!! I can't function in spaces that are too tight. I like how you have it set up!!! Great feel to it!

Sandy's Fancy Pants Antiques and Collectibles said...

very nice. I cannot stand to have no room in a booth to look good. I am always afraid I will break something. Your booth looks approachable.

Jen said...

Very Cool!

There's a place by me that is set up like what you old barn with "cubbys" I've been trying to convince my girlfriend and her Mom to go in with me to fill one of these.

Lots of luck with your sales!

Doris the Great said...

The space looks great; I especially love the picnic baskets.

I debated against buying a lovely yellow plaid metal picnic hamper/bread keeper (like the ones you show there). But I loved the color & shape, so I finally broke down & paid the $5 for it. I keep it on display on top of my cupboards & it houses all my cookie cutters. A year or so later, I saw it at an antique shop for $45. Now I get the extra enjoyment of knowing I got a bargain.

Mitzi said...

Aww, thanks for encouraging posts everyone! :)