Saturday, May 23, 2009

New goodness up at auction this week!

I can't believe it is time to do another auction promo post - this week flew by!! I am so excited to show you what I got listed though - when I call it goodness I really mean it! :)

Vintage Ceramic Dog Planter Lamp with Fiberglass Shade - click over to look at all the photos - this lamp is a gem - and it works like a dream!

Vintage Girl On A Swing Ceramic Planter - Japan

Vintage Ceramic Rotating Music Box - Japan

Vintage Lucite Plastic Owl Napkin Holder

Vintage Oriental Chalkware Wall Pocket Shelf Plaques Set

I found FOUR large framed paint by numbers at one sale! I couldn't scoop them up fast enough:

Vintage Framed Paint By Number Painting - Southern Belles

Vintage Framed Paint By Number Painting - Tropical Bridge Scene

Vintage Framed Paint By Number Painting - Home In Winter

Vintage Paint By Number Painting - Barn In Winter

American House Today Mid-Century Eames Architecture Book - you know I had to list this once I saw what people were charging for it! I threw it up at $20, we'll see what happens!

Vintage Clairol Kindness Deluxe Hot Rollers - I've never used rollers in my life, but I remembered reading somewhere that people like to buy the older ones, so when I found this set I decided to get them and see what happens!

Vintage Thermo-Serv Daisy Coffee Mugs - Never Used!!

Vintage Lincoln Beautyware Chrome Breadbox

As always this isn't everything, so if you want to see the rest just click on over!


Gilligan said...

My heart has always been with the Brady home; but I'm feelin' the love for that American Home Today house.... groovy.

icandy... said...

I just love this kind of stuff, vintage and retro- right up my alley! Thanks! :)

Propagatrix said...

Those are EXACTLY the rollers my mother used to use. Total coiffure flashback!