Sunday, May 17, 2009

New stuff at auction on eBay AND both my Etsy stores!

I've been shopping like crazy, as you have probably noticed, which means we are also working hard to list like crazy - we are hoping to get our auction numbers back up to the 75+ a week mark, and I really need to tackle the backlog of straight to Etsy stuff that I've been neglecting... So stay tuned, more new goodness is on its way!

Some of this week's auction offerings:

Vintage Mod Black and White Coffee Mug & Stand Set - Japan (I love this so much it hurts.)

Set of 2 Shawnee Pottery Blue Cornucopia Vases

Shawnee Pottery Blue Bird Mug Planter Vase (I'm not sure exactly what this is supposed to be, I couldn't find another example of it anywhere...)

Vintage Marble Owl Bill Holder (I can see you owl collectors doing backflips right now - this is the cutest thing!)

Set of 3 Vintage Glass Liquor Decanters - Vodka, Bourbon, Scotch

Anchor Hocking Avocado Green Soreno Cream & Sugar Set (I actually have a bunch of Soreno listed, click here if you want to see all of it!)

Vintage Reversible Black & White Beaded Purse

Vintage White Lucite Plastic Basket Purse (I have a lot more purses listed too - click here to check them all out!)

There's lots more of course - head on over to take a peek at the rest!

New listings in both my Etsy shops:

Vintage Japanese Nishi Love Letter Doll (she is the only one of the Nishi Dolls that didn't sell at auction - I imagine she won't be in my shop for too long!

Vintage Cardboard Illustrated Nesting Blocks Set

I found 4 of these amazing vintage leather watch bands from the 1960's - one sold at auction (the most boring one, I thought, but whatever!) and the other three are now on Etsy:

Vintage Red & White Leather Watch Band Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Red Leather Fringe Watch Band Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Red and Black Patent Leather Watch Band Cuff Bracelet

Side note - Someone emailed me on eBay and said my jewelry spokesmodel was "creeping everyone out." I love her, do you think she is creepy??

There are a few other new things in both shops - Vintage Goodness & Vintage Goodness Too if you want to have a look around!


backhomeagain said...

Oh man, I've got my eye on those mod coffee mugs!

Jennifer said...

I love the coffee house mugs, BOY! they would be great for any retro kitchen. Keeping an eye on those!!

Mitzi said...

hehe, yep, they don't get much better than those - it hurts me to sell them, that's for sure! ;)

Jump Start My Heart said...

I have BOTH of those purses in my collection. Its always funny to see stuff that you have and always thought of as one-of-a-kind some place else. I LOVE this blog BTW!