Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I had a yard sale...

...and it sucked. Seriously.

My friend Gary (you might remember him from my Springfield post) and I hatched a plan to have a sale at my house. I desperately needed - well, still do, really - space in my basement for the new inventory I am finding this summer, so I wanted to take all the things that have been in my stores for a year out and put them in the sale.

It was, of course, a ton of work. It took most of last week to go through the stores and the rest of my house, gathering things up, organizing and tagging them...

I didn't buy a newspaper ad, but I did post this ad on Craig's List:

Hi everyone, it is time for the 1st annual Vintage Goodness Backyard Blowout Clearance Sale! I sell vintage and antique collectibles online at, and I am out of room - everything is priced to sell!!

Friday, July 25th 9am-7pm

Saturday, July 26th - Depends on the weather, I'll post a new ad on Saturday to let you know!

Glassware, Dinnerware, China, Dishes, Kitchenware
Pyrex, Fire-King, Corning Ware, Corelle, Hull Brown Drip & More

Pottery, Figurines, Housewares, Decor

Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes & Bags

Linens & Bedding

Books - from Antique to New, Cookbooks

A whole lot more!!

Pretty good, right? I thought so - but apparently not.

We had maybe 12 people total in about 9 hours, and I sold a grand total of $46, $10 of which came from Will's mom, who felt sorry for us and came over to shop.

We didn't even bother to set up on Saturday, instead I sorted through everything, kept a few things, set some things back to try to sell in lots, and hauled the rest (2 packed full car loads!) to the thrift store.

So, what went wrong? Here are my theories:

1. I live on a dead end street. We put up signs, but just because of where we live we didn't have the advantage of drive by traffic. Parking is also an issue - no cars are allowed to park on the cul-de-sac, which means people would have to park up the street a little way and walk back down to the house - not ideal.

2. I didn't put the ad up on Craig's List until Thursday night. I think I should have put one up early in the week, and again on Thursday night. A newspaper ad might have helped also.

3. The third reason is actually Walt's theory, which makes sense now that I think about it - I shouldn't have put in the ad that I am a dealer. I thought it might attract people, thinking I would have cool stuff - but in reality, maybe it kept people away thinking that there wouldn't be any "undiscovered treasures" or that things would be too expensive. Next time I will just list what I have, and not mention my business at all I think...

Live and learn I guess - at least I got some things out of the house, which I suppose was really the whole point to begin with...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Featured Collectible - Mego & AHI Action Figures

I was lucky enough to pick up a box lot full of vintage Mego and Azrak Hamway action figures a couple of weeks ago... I had never really heard of them before, but apparently they are from the early 1970's and are highly collectible, like most vintage action figure toys. Unfortunately, mine aren't in their original packaging - they would sell for out of this world prices if they were!

I found a couple great collector's websites that were super helpful:
Mego Museum - Mego info
The Gallery of Monster Toys - Azrak Hamway info

This is the Mego Mr. Mxyzptlk from Superman - I'd never heard of him, but of course Will knew all about him... sometimes it comes in handy living with a geek! ;)

Here is a Mego trio from Planet of the Apes - Galen or Cornelius, Dr. Zaius and the aptly named Soldier Ape.

Yay! It's the Mego Captain America! Check out the red boots - very swanky, superhero style...

Mego's The Riddler - one of Batman's many enemies.

Here is the AHI Frankenstein - I think he is my favorite out of all of them, his face is just classic!

This is AHI's Wolfman - creepy, love the painted on hair on his hands and feet!

I think I have like 12 or 13 figures total up for auction, ending Sunday night - I can't wait to see the action during the last 5 minutes of each listing - these hardcore toy collectors love the sniper software!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Flipping Vintage - What To Buy For Resale Online

Last night I wrote the first post in a new series I am calling Flipping Vintage - it's over on The Vintage List blog - if you sell vintage online head on over and check it out!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Auction Wally Radio Show - Sunday @ 2pm EST

It's time again already for another episode of the Auction Wally show! Here's what on the schedule to discuss this week:

- What we bought this week to sell and where we found it

- Strategies we use to promote our eBay auctions

- Tips for dealers on how to save money on gas

As always we will have a chat room open on the Blog Talk Radio site during the show, and we will be taking calls starting at 2:30pm - the number is 646-378-1561 - hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Featured Collectible - Enid Collins Purses

You may remember me mentioning few weeks ago that I found an Enid Collins wood box purse titled Wise Guy, featuring a fun retro owl:

It ended up selling for a happy $68 - and it gave me an excuse to do some research and drool over all the great purses that are out there! Here are a couple sites I found that have quality info about the history of the Collins of Texas brand:
Cool Old Stuff - Enid Collins
Enid Collins Collector's Guide eBook

It seems like both the handbags an the box purses sell well, and price depends on condition and rarity of design. Check out what this one sold for a couple of weeks ago:

Moral of the story - keep an eye out for these on your next thrifting trip! ;)

I am kind of partial to the box purses, especially the more graphic ones with words in their design (they seem to be a bit harder to find, too...). Here is a Love design I am coveting that is up for auction right now:

Of course I would be just as happy with one of these bird designs:

Bird in Hand box purse

Roadrunner handbag

And nothing says the 60's like an orange, yellow and green butterfly:

Flutterbye box purse

I could go on all day, there seem to be dozens of designs - definitely enough to keep a collector busy hunting, that's for sure!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Auction Wally Show - Sunday July 13th @ 2pm

I can't believe a week has gone by since the last show! I hope you all have had a chance to listen. This week we will be talking about Walt's trips to Brimfield (I couldn't be any more jealous!), my lackluster weekend shopping the yard sales, and what we each have been up to online lately.

Last week we kept the show to half an hour, but this week we are going to extend it to 45 minutes and open the last 15 minutes of the show up for phone calls. There have been some issues with phone calls not coming through for some unknown reason, so if you try to call and can't reach us, pop into the chat room and let us know. Well, pop into the chat room anyway, it's an easy way to interact with us while we are on the air! :)

The call in number is 646-378-1561 - click here to tune it at 2pm eastern!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What's new?

I'm sorry I haven't been posting that often, I'm still struggling with managing my time better so I can get everything done that needs done before it should have been done yesterday. Does that make sense? It does to me, and it is the bane of my existence at the moment!

So yeah, blogging keeps getting bumped to the bottom of my to-do list, right above cleaning my house.

I only managed to list a handful of auctions this week, my favorite one being this:

Made in Japan blue bird salt and pepper shakers, they would fit right in on one of my kitchen shelves... *sigh*

I did list some new things on Etsy, including some of my assemblage jewelry:

Baby Annie - Momento Mori Series - Vintage Assemblage Necklace

Like A Virgin - Vintage Assemblage Necklace

Other Etsy newness:

A pair of romantic vintage Corre watercolor prints

Set of 4 vintage Japan footed floral mugs

And new in my 2nd Etsy shop - how adorable are these?!?

Baby girl Kewpie doll crochet pillow

Baby boy Kewpie doll crochet pillow

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Life Beyond eBay - Podcast Sunday @ 2pm

My first co-host show with Auction Wally is tomorrow! Walt has titled it "Life Beyond eBay". I did a pre-show post over on The Vintage List blog, which I have worked on getting set up this weekend. I'm working on re-vamping this one too, as you can probably tell. I am thinking of pointing my site directly here...

We are also going to talk about The Vintage List, which I am excited to get to talk about. I have a complete vision of what I want it to become, and I can't wait to get into it with Walt, I think it will be easier for me to express than when I try to write about it.

Don't forget you can call in while we are on the air, the number is 646-378-1561. There is also a chat room that is open during the show, so you can hang out and chat... We will try to keep an eye on it so if you have comments or questions that you want to ask in the chat room you can!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm going to be on Auction Wally's show! Sundays at 2pm EST

It's been a while since I was on Auction Wally's podcast on Blog Talk Radio - the first show is here and the second show is here, in case you missed them the first time around... They were a ton of fun to do, and Walt and I have become good friends since then, talking shop pretty regularly both online and on the phone.

At first we hatched a plan to do another show, to talk about my new project, The Vintage List shop directory... But after a few conversations, we decided not to do just the one show, but several shows together, every Sunday at 2pm - kind of a host and co-host type of situation.

I guess that means I'm now officially an online radio show co-host! How cool is that?

I'm really excited to see how it goes, and of course I want all of you to be there listening, chatting in the chat room, and calling in! The call in number is 646-378-1561 - you can call in anytime while we are on the air.

This Sunday we will most likely be discussing not only The Vintage List but also the state of selling collectibles online in general - the eBay situation, selling on alternative venues, etc. It's what is on the minds of a lot of sellers these days, including me! I don't think I will be able to help myself... ;)