Friday, December 5, 2014

Antique Mall Booth Update - November 2014

Another decent month in the booth! My bouncy horse still hasn't sold, so I knocked the price down a bit - I've got some other larger items waiting in the wings to take his spot, so he really needs to go soon!

 November 2014

Fisher Price Telephone Toy $10.00
Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set $10.00
Large Ball Jar $15.00
Mexican Pottery Planter $15.00
Boston Pencil Sharpener $15.00
Syroco Wall Mirror $50.00
Check Writing Machine $35.00
Stainless Canister Set $25.00
Tupperware Tumblers Set $9.60
Macrame Christmas Tree $6.40
Brass Duck Head Bookends $19.20

Total Sales: $210.20
- Commission: $14.71
- Rent: $75.00

Total Profit: $120.49 (not including cost of items sold or time spent working)

I had a 20% off sale for the last week of the month, hence a few of the wonky sale prices. I almost stopped the sale when I went in yesterday, but decided to keep it up for a bit longer... The St. Bernard print that I added yesterday sold LAST NIGHT - to another dealer, who I think has an actual real St. Bernard of her own... My fastest sale in the booth to date! ( You can see it pretty well in the 2nd photo above... )