Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chenille = Yum.

I scored 4 chenille bedspreads at an estate sale today - on the last day of the sale when everything was half off. It was meant to be!

The house had a baby blue 50's bathroom - the tile, tub, sink, toilet - the whole deal. I meant to take my camera with me (I saw it the first time I went, yesterday) but of course, I forgot. I also saw a pink 50's bathroom at another estate sale yesterday. I liked it, of course, but I liked the blue a bit better....

Anyway, hopefully I will get the chenille listed this week - stay tuned! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New goodness at auction on eBay - vintage Tupperware + lots more!

So this week we tackled the backlog of vintage Tupperware - never a small feat, since most of it had to be cleaned up to some degree, and then researched and sorted... I love Tupperware, but sometimes you have a piece that makes you scratch your head, what the heck is this for? Like this pickle keeper:

Will actually knew what this one was, I was clueless! Here's a few more of my faves:

Set of 6 Vintage Tupperware Pastel Cereal Bowls with Lids - NEW

Set of 2 Vintage Orange Tupperware Pitchers

Vintage Tupperware Harvest Servalier Bowl Set with Lids

Vintage Tupperware Green Servalier Cansiter Set

There's lots more - just head on over if you want to see the rest!

I did manage to list a few other random gems - some things that were super hard to part with, actually - it was a heart-wrenching week that's for sure!

Vintage Art Nouveau LF Grammes & Sons Wood Hankie or Glove Box (be sure to click over to the listing and check out all the photos - talk about gorgeous!!)

Vintage Wood Koeshi Doll Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Japan

Vintage Enesco Black Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - Japan

Vintage Silver Plate Vanity Set - Mirror, Tray, and Powder Jar with Puff

Click on over if you want to see the rest - I think we managed about 50 auctions total this week! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Vintage List rocks Google - and I can't seem to shut up about it!

Ok, I already blogged, Tweeted on both my accounts, and updated my Facebook page - but I have to come here to express my true feelings about this news -

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I took some stuff to the Barn today...

... and remembered to take photos to show you! I actually bought a couple of things this weekend specifically with the Barn in mind - the main one being this amazing mirror:

It is HUGE and super heavy, with crackly cream paint. I got it hung up in my booth, but it makes me nervous. I asked Max to check on it for me every once in a while and make sure it isn't starting to fall!

The white metal cabinet I also bought specifically for the the Barn, as well as the tin strainer. The McCoy well planter, the white Hull planter, and the Shawnee fish planter my dad found for me, and since planters have been selling fairly well I took them down to add into the mix. The Pyrex mushroom mixing bowls I tried at auction on eBay and they didn't sell, plus I have another set to list that is in a little bit better condition. The black rotary phone I just thought would look cool in my booth. :)

The floor globe I bought to list online, but Will about had a heart attack when he was trying to figure out how to ship it, so I figured I would try it in the booth first. The railroad lantern and the Homer Laughlin bowl my Dad gave me. The Pyrex bowl set is pretty scratched up, it didn't sell at auction on eBay so I figured I would try it at the Barn where someone might want it without the shipping expense...

Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New goodness at auction on eBay - Paint By Numbers AND Little People?!?

I've got some great stuff to show ya this week, if I do say so myself! ;)

First up, the boatload of paint by numbers I picked up in one box lot at a sale - I love when that happens!:

Set of 2 Vintage Collie Dog Paint By Numbers

Set of 2 Vintage Boxer Dog Paint By Numbers

Set of 2 Vintage Bulldog Dog Paint By Numbers

Set of 2 Vintage Jesus and Mary Paint By Numbers

Set of 2 Vintage Floral Flowers Paint By Numbers

Next - I know I'm not the only one out there who played with Fisher Price Little People, so these should tickle you just as much as they did me! I got them from this great little old man who has collected them piece by piece for years - his entire garage was full of Fisher Price! I snagged some to list, of course:

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Main Street Set - Complete in Box!

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Barn Set

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Sesame Street Set

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Western Town

There's more of course - click on over to see everything else that is up at auction this week! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Antique Barn - May Report

I can't believe my 2nd month having a space at the Hocking Hills Antique Barn is already over! I just got my check for $98.35 in the mail - which means I fell just $16.65 short of making rent. Better than April, but still not great - especially considering I ran a week and a half long 25% off sale for Memorial Day! I figured I would sell quite a bit during that, but only sold 3 items. :(

So, now I am trying to figure out what my plan of attack for June is... if I can't get it together here in the couple of months I'm going to have to give up the idea, which I really don't want to do!

First, let's look at what has sold and see if there is any pattern:

Sold in April

New In Box Horseshoes Set - $16.20
Tender Heart Care Bear Glass - $4.00
Cheer Bear Care Bear Glass - $4.00
Vintage General Electric Iron - $18.00
16 Piece Blue Flower Dish Set - $10.00
Pyrex Butterfly Gold Butter Dish - $6.00
White McCoy Pottery Planter - $7.00

Sold in May

Floral Serving Platter - $8.00
Blue & Gold Swan Figurine & Soap Dish Set - $12.00
Round Green McCoy Pottery Planter - $9.00
Set of 2 Floral Ceramic Vases - $25.00
Yellow McCoy Pottery Planter - $5.00
Wood Picnic Basket - $12.00
Vintage American Family Scale - $10.00
Green Hull Pottery Planter - $6.00
Vintage Cookie Gun - $6.00
Hull Pottery Green Drip Planter - $6.75
Blue Esmond Serving Bowl - $6.00

Well, the McCoy and Hull planters seem to be fairly popular, but to be fair I did load up my outside space with a TON of planters... Plus I priced them under $10.00, which seems to be the favorite price range of the things that have sold. In fact only 5 things I sold were over $10.00 - even during the 25% off sale the three things that sold were already under $10.00 (or less)!

I have already decided I need to go down there this week and cut some prices, and I guess looking at these results that is probably the right move. The Barn isn't a fancy antique mall, where you expect prices to be on the high end, and I guess the numbers here are proving that in general people aren't looking to spend a whole lot when they are shopping there.

Pricing things lower isn't really that big of a deal when you look at the grand scheme of things - it is less work for me to sell something at the Barn rather than online, for sure - no photos, no packaging, no marketing... Plus my commission fee is only 7%, which is less than what I pay on an eBay sale for sure. And when you figure that a good chunk of what I have for sale down there is stuff that sat online for a long time without selling, getting anything more than what I paid for it at this point is a good thing!

Other than lowering prices, the only other thing I can do is start shopping specifically with the Barn in mind - which is kind of tough at this point, since I haven't been there long enough to really get a good idea of what kind of things are selling. It all seems pretty random at this point, but maybe after another month or so I will be able to get a better handle on it...

So there's the scoop, I'll let you know how June goes - keep your fingers crossed for me!