Sunday, May 31, 2009

New goodness up at auction this week!

Events conspired against me listing auctions this week - overwhelming desires to clean stuff, Memorial Day, Auctiva deciding to charge ridiculous amounts of money and forcing me to figure out how to re-list 600 store listings in 30 days... You know, the usual stuff.

But, I did list some goodies...

Vintage Lefton Ceramic Puppy Dog Cookie Jar

Vintage McCoy Pottery Owl Cookie Jar

I actually found these 4 Kokeshi dolls at the flea market on Monday - they all have bobble heads, and magnets on their bottoms, which is pretty neat!

Vintage Magnetic Bobble Head Kokeshi Doll - Girl With Pigtails

Vintage Magnetic Bobble Head Kokeshi Doll - Girl With Green Hair Bows

Vintage Magnetic Bobble Head Kokeshi Doll - Girl With Red Hair Bows

Vintage Magnetic Bobble Head Kokeshi Doll - Boy (I think?) In Black

There's a few more things, I'll let you just click on over to check out the rest... :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunchtime Poll Topic: Downloadable Vintage Related Magazine?

Those of you who are signed up for my newsletter have already seen (and hopefully filled out!) the little poll I created over the weekend - for the rest of you, here's the scoop:

Back when I started this blog what I really wanted to create was an online magazine - here's the post from December 10th, 2007 to prove it. I let the idea die though when I realized the time and work involved in a project like that, and honestly the same issues I had with the idea back then are the same issues I have with it now.

But everyone's reactions to Country Home and several of the other "shelter" magazines going out of business put the idea into my head again - apparently there are a whole lot of folks out there just like me who love magazines! So, I decided to get some opinions from my regular visitors in the form of a little poll - just to gauge the level of interest in the idea.

Here's the poll - it's just a few questions, it will only take a couple of minutes to fill out.

Here's the results so far - if you are curious ;)

Thanks in advance!

PS - Brownie points to everyone who can name the movie my Lunchtime Poll Topic reference is from!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New goodness up at auction this week!

I can't believe it is time to do another auction promo post - this week flew by!! I am so excited to show you what I got listed though - when I call it goodness I really mean it! :)

Vintage Ceramic Dog Planter Lamp with Fiberglass Shade - click over to look at all the photos - this lamp is a gem - and it works like a dream!

Vintage Girl On A Swing Ceramic Planter - Japan

Vintage Ceramic Rotating Music Box - Japan

Vintage Lucite Plastic Owl Napkin Holder

Vintage Oriental Chalkware Wall Pocket Shelf Plaques Set

I found FOUR large framed paint by numbers at one sale! I couldn't scoop them up fast enough:

Vintage Framed Paint By Number Painting - Southern Belles

Vintage Framed Paint By Number Painting - Tropical Bridge Scene

Vintage Framed Paint By Number Painting - Home In Winter

Vintage Paint By Number Painting - Barn In Winter

American House Today Mid-Century Eames Architecture Book - you know I had to list this once I saw what people were charging for it! I threw it up at $20, we'll see what happens!

Vintage Clairol Kindness Deluxe Hot Rollers - I've never used rollers in my life, but I remembered reading somewhere that people like to buy the older ones, so when I found this set I decided to get them and see what happens!

Vintage Thermo-Serv Daisy Coffee Mugs - Never Used!!

Vintage Lincoln Beautyware Chrome Breadbox

As always this isn't everything, so if you want to see the rest just click on over!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New stuff at auction on eBay AND both my Etsy stores!

I've been shopping like crazy, as you have probably noticed, which means we are also working hard to list like crazy - we are hoping to get our auction numbers back up to the 75+ a week mark, and I really need to tackle the backlog of straight to Etsy stuff that I've been neglecting... So stay tuned, more new goodness is on its way!

Some of this week's auction offerings:

Vintage Mod Black and White Coffee Mug & Stand Set - Japan (I love this so much it hurts.)

Set of 2 Shawnee Pottery Blue Cornucopia Vases

Shawnee Pottery Blue Bird Mug Planter Vase (I'm not sure exactly what this is supposed to be, I couldn't find another example of it anywhere...)

Vintage Marble Owl Bill Holder (I can see you owl collectors doing backflips right now - this is the cutest thing!)

Set of 3 Vintage Glass Liquor Decanters - Vodka, Bourbon, Scotch

Anchor Hocking Avocado Green Soreno Cream & Sugar Set (I actually have a bunch of Soreno listed, click here if you want to see all of it!)

Vintage Reversible Black & White Beaded Purse

Vintage White Lucite Plastic Basket Purse (I have a lot more purses listed too - click here to check them all out!)

There's lots more of course - head on over to take a peek at the rest!

New listings in both my Etsy shops:

Vintage Japanese Nishi Love Letter Doll (she is the only one of the Nishi Dolls that didn't sell at auction - I imagine she won't be in my shop for too long!

Vintage Cardboard Illustrated Nesting Blocks Set

I found 4 of these amazing vintage leather watch bands from the 1960's - one sold at auction (the most boring one, I thought, but whatever!) and the other three are now on Etsy:

Vintage Red & White Leather Watch Band Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Red Leather Fringe Watch Band Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Red and Black Patent Leather Watch Band Cuff Bracelet

Side note - Someone emailed me on eBay and said my jewelry spokesmodel was "creeping everyone out." I love her, do you think she is creepy??

There are a few other new things in both shops - Vintage Goodness & Vintage Goodness Too if you want to have a look around!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I found more stuff to keep - I'm on a keeping spree!

The sales were really good this weekend - I found lots of great stuff, and on the super cheap - I hope this is a trend for the whole summer!

I actually found a few things to keep again today - 2 days in a row? Unheard of! But check it out:

I am working on thrifting all of these vintage Better Homes and Gardens decorating books - yes, I know, I could just buy them online, but that's not how I roll. Not that I haven't looked at them online, and came *this close* to pulling the trigger about a dozen times... but I just can't. I must thrift.

Anyway, this is the 1975 edition. I'm excited to dig in... I'll have to do some scans to post when I get a chance!

Here is my collection so far - the 1975 I got today ($1.00), the gold slip cased 1961 edition ($4.00), and the green 1968 edition ($1.00).

As far as I can tell I am missing the much coveted 1956 edition (which seems to have some of the same content as my 1961 edition, but some different stuff in it as well):

And there is also the other 1961 edition, which is probably the same as my gold one but with a different cover - but the collector in me wants it anyway:

Is that all of them? Does anyone know for sure? Or am I missing some?

I also found this book from 1951 called The American House Today - it's more of an architecture style book, including house plans:

The photos are all black and white, which kind of sucks, but I am going to read through it before I decide if I want to keep it or list it...

Update: This book is listed online for crazy money - I think the cheapest I saw was $50, the most expensive $150 - what gives? Are any actually selling at that price? Bizarre!

The last book that I was very happy to find today is a book on Hall China. I love Hall China - but then, I tend to have a soft spot for all the old Ohio companies:

I didn't already have a book on Hall, and it was only $1.00 - score!

And last but not least, is something I am keeping for pure, unadulterated sentimental reasons:

It's a cheap plastic Santa's Gingerbread House windchime from 1974. My grandma Hazel had one, and every year we hung it up. It's in perfect condition, and it is in its original box! For $1.00 I couldn't leave it behind:

Thanks, thrift gods. You did me a solid today. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

FINALLY - A vintage Ouija Board I can justify keeping!

I know I've talked about how I want a vintage Ouija board to put on top of the bookshelf in my bedroom - and I also know I've talked about how I can never justify keeping any that I find because they sell too well. (The vintage dealer's constant dilemma!)

Well, guess what?

Today I found one I'm keeping - my reasons might be a little nitpicky, but they work for me:

#1: - The planchette is missing its plastic insert:

#2: It was only 25 cents!! Here's the proof:

From what I can tell it is an original William Fuld board - the one that Parker Brothers used to create theirs by - from the 1950's or around there. It's HUGE - 15"x22" - definitely the largest I have seen yet, and making it that much more perfect for display!

Yes, I am happy. I'm in thrifting nirvana, actually.