Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Goodness on Etsy - Vintage Adult Film Posters

I've just finished listing a big bunch of amazing vintage 1960's - 1970's adult film posters from Belgium - the illustrations on them are of course a bit naughty, some more so than others, so I realize they won't be up everyone's alley.... But I can't lie - I just love them! I got them from a vintage poster dealer who was hanging up his hat. The fact that they are in French (with some Dutch, apparently they speak both in Belgium) I think makes them extra interesting!

I made sure all the first photos in the listings were cropped so they weren't too explicit, so you'll have to click through to the listing to see the full poster. Here's just a few of my favorites - click on over if you want to check them all out!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A small Saturday thrift haul...

I went out this morning to one estate sale and two little independent thrift stores - the estate sale was pretty picked over, but the thrifts came through with a few neat things...

The green bottle was the only thing I got at the estate sale. I never pass up Salton bun warmers when I see them, the only thing I wish is that the cover had a pattern instead of being a solid color, but still, can't really go wrong with green!

These Bloody Mary goblets are too awesome, love the graphics!

This GE can opener I think is the kind that is designed to accommodate tall cans as well as regular sized ones - and it came with fun green patterned cover!

This thermometer looks like it has never been used, which is always a plus. What really sold me on it though was the starburst pattern under the word Temperature. :)

And last but not least, two vintage bedspreads - a white cotton fringed Bates twin size spread, and a yellow, orange and green patterned full size spread.

I will hopefully be listing all this stuff this week, but in the meantime if you see something you are interested in, just drop me a line at!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vintage Taylor & Ng coffee mug super score!

I was browsing the photos in an ad for an estate sale last week, and spotted on the kitchen counter what looked like a big collection of vintage Taylor & Ng coffee mugs. I arrived at the sale half an hour after they started taking names, and was #39 on the list - which meant I wouldn't get in until 15 minutes after opening time, in the 2nd wave of customers.

I was SO sure someone else would snatch the mugs up before I could - but, to my amazement, they were still there! I couldn't get them into my box fast enough... TWELVE mugs in all, by far the largest collection of them I have ever found.

I got them all listed on Sunday - 10 to auction on eBay, 2 straight to my Etsy shop. One of them sold already - the naughty Giraffe mug:

The other one, which is a combo of naughty rabbits and a Le Lapin rabbit (I've never found a combo mug like this before!) is still available:

I have another one of these at auction on eBay also, it was the only design I had duplicates of...

And, here are the rest, all at auction now!: