Friday, July 17, 2009

A dose of cuteness for your Friday...

I was lucky enough to win a pack of completely adorable magnets from one of my favorite Etsy vintage sellers, Gretchen from Shop 66, and they are now gracing the front of my fridge, next to Will's Bone and Futurama magnets:

I marked them with red arrows so you don't miss any of the cuteness. :)

I think the deer is my favorite, followed closely by the skunk - thanks again Gretchen!

The other cuteness you have probably noticed - my brand spankin new Cherries Jubilee blog background from a website I just discovered - The Cutest Blog On The Block. Not only are their backgrounds gorgeous (and free!), they are super easy to install, with no worry that the rest of your blog layout will be screwed up in the process. They get the V+G=H official seal of approval!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New goodness on eBay this week - chenille, linens, & more!

Things have been a bit crazy around here the last couple of weeks, and our eBay auction listings have suffered - but, we did manage to post a few cool things... Let's have a look, shall we?

First, I finally got the chenille bedspreads listed - I know, took me long enough!

Soft Vintage Pink White Floral Full Size Chenille Bedspread

Vintage White on Purple Wedding Ring Full Size Chenille Bedspread

Vintage Soft Green On White Wedding Ring Full Size Chenille Bedspread

Vintage White On Yellow Wedding Ring Full Size Chenille Bedspread

I also listed the patchwork quilt that I had tried down at the Barn for a while, unsuccessfully obviously:

Vintage Twin or Full Patchwork Crazy Quilt Bedspread

Since I was working on linens, I dug up some that I have had since last fall (?!?) and finally got them listed too:

Large Vintage Marimekko Floral Flowers Beach Bath Towel

Set of 2 Vintage Embroidered Cat Kitten Cotton Pillowcases

Set of 6 Vintage Printed Cotton Fruit Design Napkins

And, of course, there are a few other random goodies to round everything out:

Set of 4 Vintage BIG MUG Mod Black and White Coffee Mugs

Vintage Black Hand Painted Floral Pottery Cookie Jar

Vintage Black Hand Painted Fruit Pottery Batter Pitcher

This isn't all my auctions (pretty close, but not all!), if you are curious just head on over and check out the rest! :)

(PS - I'll be back tonight or tomorrow to post some of my new Etsy listings - I was going to do it with this post but it is time for me to head out to the FIVE estate sales that are going on today!!)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Antique Barn - June Report

Rent = $115
Sold = $95
In The Hole (Again) = $20


I had a chat with Max at the Barn about why I'm not selling enough to make rent, let alone anything above rent, during their busiest time of year... Needless to say I am frustrated, and am now officially leaning toward closing up shop at the end of July.

Max said the sellers that do best are in the front of the barn (I'm in the back) and are locals who are able to come in every week and add new items, remove old items, etc. I have neither of these advantages, which is showing in my sales numbers - obviously.

Seeing as how I can't move closer, and getting down there every week with new items isn't something that I am really able to do either... well, like I said, I could be admitting defeat sooner rather than later. :(

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Featured Collectible - Midwinter Stonehenge Dinnerware

It's no real secret, if you have read my blog for very long, that I have a bit of an obsession with vintage dinnerware and sell a good bit of it on eBay. I just love finding a pattern or brand that I haven't seen before, and researching - which is really just a code word for drooling over - all the different patterns that the company makes, and wishing I had the space and money to keep at least several hundred different sets of dishes in my house.

I had the luck last weekend to find a small set of Midwinter Stonehenge dishes in the Sun pattern - I had never seen either the brand or the pattern before, but I loved it immediately. How could I not?:

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Sun Oval Serving Platter

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Sun Bread Plates

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Sun Soup Bowls

Aren't they just amazing? They are Oh-So-Very-70's - the pattern was made between 1973 and 1986, as a matter of fact. There is a blue version called Moon which is equally awesome:

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Moon Oval Serving Platter

The serving pieces are too adorable, I wish I would have gotten some with the Sun set I found... Look at this creamer with coffee cups and saucers in the Earth pattern:

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Earth Coffee Cup Set

Here is a casserole dish in the Night pattern:

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Night Casserole Dish

The coffee pots are too adorable for words - here is one in the Creation pattern:

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Creation Coffee Pot

Most of their patterns and pattern names have a kind of nature inspired, hippie-esque feel to them, but they avoid the stereotypical garish design in favor of a more subdued, modern look - which makes me love them all the more!

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Hazelwood Casserole Dish

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Wild Oats Bread Plates

Custom Made Midwinter Stonehenge Spring Pattern Tidbit Serving Tray

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Day Bread Plate

Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Summer Dinner Plate

What I think is really neat about the patterns is that a lot of them seem very mix and match - like you could create a set that was made up of Sun, Summer, and Day and it would be really pretty and interesting... There is also an all white pattern that you could use to fill in gaps until you found the patterned piece you were missing - the possibilities seem pretty endless!

There are lots more shapes and patterns than I can talk about here, of course, but I just had to share a few of my favorites! :)

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