Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Magazine Death Pool

"More than 525 US magazines ceased publication in 2008, and 40 have already folded in 2009."

I just stumbled across a site that is covering the demise of magazines - Magazine Death Pool. If you want to keep up on what is happening in the mag world, it looks like the site to watch. Thanks to Twitter user TheMediaIsDying for the link - give them a follow!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking off my AuctionWally co-host hat...

Yesterday was a sad day here in Vintage Goodness land... I made the decision to step down from my role as co-host of the AuctionWally show. It's been a great 8 months doing the show with Walt, and I will miss it terribly!

My business partner and main squeeze, Will, went and got a job. I know, the nerve! Ok, not really - it's actually good news - an infusion of steady money will make things a lot less stressful here in our little world. The bad news is that it means I have to take on some of the work he usually does.

I sat at my computer and tried to figure out a reasonable schedule to fit everything that I need to do into my week this week - and failed miserably. That was when I knew something had to give.

The podcast was the last "extra-curricular" activity I had on my plate, so as sad as it made me, I let Walt know that I will just be a loyal listener from now on. :(

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vintage Pinups Have Arrived In My Etsy Shop!

I just got done listing my latest find - a vintage Esquire pin-up girl calendar from 1948! All 12 lovely ladies are in my Etsy shop in 12 different listings. I considered only listing 10 and keeping a couple to frame for myself (I just love them!) but practicality won out...

There are a few different artist's work in the calendar, I'll post one from each here and if you want to check out the rest just click on over to my shop! Be sure to click the photos to see the full size version...

Oops - looks like one sold while I was typing this - so only 11 left now! :)

Fritz Willis PinUp Girl Calendar Page

Joe De Mers PinUp Girl Calendar Page

Ben-Hur Baz PinUp Girl Calendar Page

Ren Wicks PinUp Girl Calendar Page

J. Frederick Smith PinUp Girl Calendar Page

Al Moore PinUp Girl Calendar Page

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Better Homes & Gardens the replacement for Country Home magazine subscribers... Ugh.

I finally got my final issue of Country Home in the mail today - with this lovely notification:

Better Homes & Gardens? Really? I was happier when I thought I would be getting Traditional Home. BH&G is an ok mag from what little I've seen, but pretty far off from what Country Home was. I'll reserve final judgement until I've gotten a few issues, but let's just say I'm not really looking forward to them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AuctionWally Show 8pm EST - Dave White from eBay and Beyond

Tonight on the AuctionWally show we have as our guest the one and only Dave White, from eBay and Beyond! Dave is a great guy, if you haven't listened to his show before be sure to check it out. We are going to be discussing using the internet to help promote your brick and mortar store, plus a lot of other stuff if I know Walt and Dave! ;)

Before I go I have to toot our own horn just a little - the AuctionWally show was named one of the Top 100 Best Small Business Podcasts for 2009 by the good folks over at Small Business Trends Radio. And so was Dave's, by the way! Congrats to everyone on the list - keep up the good work!

Can I get some confirmation love on Facebook, please?

I added both my blogs to the Networked Blogs app on Facebook. Pretty neat, but they want people to confirm that you are the author - ok, whatever, I guess...

Could you guys help me out by popping over and confirming me? And following them and becoming a fan and all that jazz? I'll love you forever!

Vintage + Goodness = Happiness

The Vintage List Blog

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is my Country Home subscription going to be replaced with Traditional Home magazine?

I posted the sad news of Country Home's demise a while back, and since then I have been checking the website looking for info on what my subscription will be replaced with. I've gotten no official word - nothing in the mail letting me know the magazine is closing, or anything like that. I think they are close to releasing the final issue, I should have heard something from them by now!

Anyway, I went over to the site tonight and the pop up is different - it advertises a subscription to Traditional Home magazine. Perhaps that is the intended replacement for those of us who subscribe?

I didn't like the sound of it - Country Home was "a more modern country" - not quite Traditional in the, well, traditional sense of the word. So I headed over to their website to check it out. I'm happy to say that I'm now a little bit more hopeful...

From their Decorating and Design section:

"In accounting practices, everything is black and white. So when financial analyst Loi Thai decided to make a leap from his world of numbers to become an antiques dealer, he seamlessly made the transition by selecting Swedish-style acquisitions that glow in the palest of colors—white in all of its forms."

"Can a home designed with mid-century modern furniture that’s heavy on light-loving Lucite and mirrored veneers be considered traditional?"

"Just like fine food, homes should be comfortable, personal, and organic, says designer-turned-restaurateur Marcia Bond."

"Kay favors clutter-free and simple designs with an emphasis on texture and form."

From their Antiques & Collecting section (which appears to be run by the Keno brothers - Leigh and Leslie - from Antiques Roadshow, or at least they have a lot to do with it - their identical mugs are all over the page!):

“When we were kids, our bathroom soap dish was spongeware,” recalls Leigh, editor-at-large for Traditional Home magazine, where he and twin brother Leslie co-produce a regular column entitled “Keno Eye.”

"What moves them to go back in time is good design. And increasingly, the Americana experts are reaching back a mere 50 years to collect such mid-century classics as the set of four white wire side chairs made by sculptor Harry Bertoia."

There are also Garden, Food, and Travel sections, none of which ever really appeal to me, no matter what magazine they are in...

I guess I will reserve final judgement until I receive a few issues and can really dig into them - assuming of course that it will be coming to me, which I don't know for sure yet...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vintage ephemera is taking overy my Etsy shop...

One of the good things about not buying much new inventory in the winter is that all the the things that have been put on the back burner finally get to see the light of day! I've been having a great time listing my vintage ephemera on Etsy, despite my tush going numb from sitting and scanning for hours at a time!

Here are some of my favorites so far (of course I have a ton left to list, so stay tuned!):

Print from Trees At Night by Art Young - Fireworks - I listed a bunch of these, they are from 1927! Here's another cool one:

Print from Trees At Night by Art Young - Orchard Revel

Vintage Children's Book Art - I don't know about you, but I LOVE vintage children's books - especially the illustrations! And a lot of times even if the book is pretty much destroyed (kids destroy things? never!) the artwork can be saved... This book was chock full of amazing illustrations!

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale Prints - All I can say about these prints are *swoon* - I'm going to finish listing the rest today, so check back in later if you want to see them all!

Vintage Animal Anatomy Book Pages - Dog - I found an amazing book on animal anatomy, the drawings in them are so exacting and the pages are nice and big! All kinds of animals were included, check this out:

Vintage Animal Anatomy Book Pages - Flying Squirrel - Creepy!! Here's all the rest if you want to check them out...

Antique Garden Flowers Prints - Amaryllis - I found a book from 1926 all about flowers - the illustrations are just phenomenal! I think I got about twelve sets of two out of the book when it was all said and done, and each page is illustrated on both sides! I'll leave you with one more:

Antique Garden Flower Prints - Petunia

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vintage 80's Clothing - Featured Collectible, Kinda

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now. Full disclosure - I was born in 1975, so the fact that stuff from the 80's is now considered vintage is still a little surreal to me. The return of 80's clothing isn't just surreal to me though, it's actually quite disturbing... Especially the prices some things go for! I can't help but occasionally amuse myself by looking at eBay auctions, and rolling my eyes.

The highest prices are achieved by sellers who specialize in clothing and have live models that they "style" - hair, makeup, accessories, the whole bit. If I tried to buy some ugly 80's dress off the thrift store rack, throw it up on Boobs McGee, my torso mannequin, and list it next to my dinnerware - well, if it even sold at all, I'm sure it wouldn't sell for much.

So let's take a peek at some of the things that are currently at auction right now, with ridiculously high bids that are bound to go even higher... Be sure to click the images to enlarge, so you can see them in all their crazy glory!

80's Skinny Black Leather High Waisted Pants - Here you see a typical model - super skinny, in heels and oversized glasses. These pants are currently at $90 with 15 bids and 4 days to go. They are being offered by eBay seller Thriftwares, who seems to be a major player in the space.

While nothing screams 1980's like a pair of leather pants, don't these look, well, painful?

80's Metallic Puff Sleeve Blouse - This model is sporting oversized sunglasses instead of regular glasses, and the "I'm so cool I'm bored, and I don't even remember how to smile" look that is apparently a requirement to be a model.

This shirt, which doesn't have a single redeeming quality that I can see, is at $83 with 17 bids and a day or so to go. It is being offered by eBay seller Laced With Romance, who has some of the creepiest photos I've ever seen in their auctions and on the front page of their store. Seriously.

80's Leather Zippered Mini Dress - Where do I start? With the pose I guess, which is apparently all the rage - hands on hips, shoulders rolled forward like you have scoliosis, knees turned in... to me it's got to be the single most unattractive way to stand ever created! Sorry, I just don't get it - a fashionista I am not, apparently!

The dress of course is scandalously short, but shaped like a sack. Seems a little contradictory. The sleeves are interesting though, they definitely give this it's 80's vibe. The high bid is currently $78 with 11 bids and 4 days to go. It is being offered by eBay seller Indie Cult Vintage, who appears to be raking it in, with almost 5,000 feedbacks.

80's Oscar De La Renta Polka Dot Summer Dress - Whoever styled this model forgot to give her her her oversized glasses, but they did remind her to turn her arm out so her tattoo would show, which is a big plus when you are trying to give "edge" to a dress like this one.

By the way - ruffle socks, worn with heels = 80's nightmare.

This lovely is currently at $56 with 11 bids and a day to go. It is being offered by eBay seller Lullie Vintage, who's tagline is "Because You're Not Cut From The Same Cloth". Clever, and if you would wear this outfit, definitely true!!

80's Long Sleeve Shorts Jumpsuit - I hate to feature the same seller, Lullie Vintage, twice, but how could I not highlight this getup? The hat, the glasses, the bizarre (and oh-so-80's) belt, the slouch boots (over thigh high socks?), and of course the jumpsuit itself... I think my eyes are going to roll right out of my head.

Currently at $51 with 3 bids and 7 days to go. I've got it on my watch list, I have to see this final price!

Ok, that's all I can handle for one day... I think I'll have to do a part two of this post closer to prom time - if I remember correctly, eBay was flooded with the ugliest 80's sequined/ruffled prom dresses ever made, and they were selling like hotcakes...

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