Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking off my AuctionWally co-host hat...

Yesterday was a sad day here in Vintage Goodness land... I made the decision to step down from my role as co-host of the AuctionWally show. It's been a great 8 months doing the show with Walt, and I will miss it terribly!

My business partner and main squeeze, Will, went and got a job. I know, the nerve! Ok, not really - it's actually good news - an infusion of steady money will make things a lot less stressful here in our little world. The bad news is that it means I have to take on some of the work he usually does.

I sat at my computer and tried to figure out a reasonable schedule to fit everything that I need to do into my week this week - and failed miserably. That was when I knew something had to give.

The podcast was the last "extra-curricular" activity I had on my plate, so as sad as it made me, I let Walt know that I will just be a loyal listener from now on. :(


Anonymous said...

Congrast to Will for the job. Scheduling a ton of work is always hard for me. I hope it goes easier for you! It's so hard to know what to work on first!

Cliff Aliperti said...

So sorry to see you go Mitzi, though since it was by choice I'm sure it's for the better--so congrats to you guys on Will's new job! --be sure to get him to treat you to that Tracy-Hepburn set we discussed on twitter :)

Hey, I'm just happy you were still co-host when I had the opportunity to be on the show--thanks for the fun times!


Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

Hey Hillary, I know, it's driving me crazy! I'm horrible at estimating how long things will take me, so that is always my stumbling block :(

Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

I know Cliff, I was glad I got to be in on your interview too! I'm sad, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, you know?

I'll tell Will you said to buy me the box set... I'll send him the link right now ;)

Henrietta said...

I am so sorry. I will miss listening to you.

Sadly in this rotten economy we all have to make adjustments not all of which are pleasant or welcome. Looking on the positive side (cup half full) congratulations to Will on finding a job! Not that easy to do these days.

Fortunately your e-friends will be able to keep up with you on your blogs.

All the best Mitzi