Saturday, June 21, 2008

Now Open! - The Vintage List - Online Vintage Shop Directory

Finally, I can tell you about my new project - The Vintage List! This is going to be a long post, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in... :)

What Is It, And Why Now?:

It used to be that there were only one or two places where most people sold Vintage online, which made it simple for buyers and sellers to find each other. Times are changing though - in the new Web 2.0 environment, a lot of sellers are opening multiple shops on a variety of different venues, and/or on their own websites.

I realized that having one central directory that lists all the various stores from around the web would be a great solution for buyers and sellers alike! It is my hope that the List will become the #1 source for quality 20th century collectibles on the internet. No use dreaming small, huh? ;)

For Buyers:

Vintage buyers and collectors are a savvy and passionate bunch - for most of us, it is more of a way of life than just a hobby or a passing fad! It is my hope that The Vintage List will become the first stop on every vintage geek's online treasure hunt, because they will know that the sites listed are of the highest quality, containing only authentic vintage merchandise from trusted sellers who make customer service their top priority.

Each shop listed is personally looked over and approved by me, if they meet a set of pre-established standards:
- 85% of their inventory is from the 1920's through the 1970's
- New inventory is added on a regular basis
- At least 20 items for sale at all times
- Feedback scores are 95% and above on those venues that allow Feedback ratings

Also, the directory allows users to rate listings using a star system, and also to leave comments - it's a fun way to let shops know how they are doing, and to let other buyers know which shops you have had great experiences with!

For Sellers:

Making your shops known to buyers is a daunting task, but if we can come together as allies instead of as competitors, I believe the entire online vintage community will benefit. By listing our shops on one central directory, we can make it much easier for buyers to find us, and to find that special something that they are hunting for!

Regular Listing: $15 for 3 months, paid via PayPal - one URL listing into 2 categories

Featured Listing: $30 for 3 months, paid via PayPal - one URL listing into 2 categories
, placement at the top of the category page, and in the Featured Listings box

Life On The V-List & The Vintage List Blog:

Included in the price of listing is membership to a private forum community for vintage sellers called Life On The V-List. My vision for this community is to create a group where we can "talk shop", share ideas, resources, and knowledge, and generally support one another as we each work toward our common goal - building an amazing online vintage business! We could also hold sales or promotions as a group as well... the possibilities are pretty endless!

Also, as a member you will be able to submit articles to The Vintage List Blog, to highlight your business, promotions that you are running, or to share information about your area of expertise. The blog will also have a link list to all member blogs that are listed in the Blog category.

Introductory Special!

For a limited time when you purchase a paid listing, you can list your blog in the Blog category for free for 1 year, as long as you place a reciprocal link on your blog back to the List! Click here for the details...

To Wrap This Up, Finally:

Needless to say, I am really excited! If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at

Monday, June 16, 2008

New on Etsy - Vintage Greeting Cards!

Finding unused vintage greeting cards is such a treat - the illustrations are always amazing, and not only can they be used as intended, they are also great for collage, scrapbooking, and other art projects...

I finally got all of my stash of cards listed on Etsy this week - click on the photos to see the larger version! This is just a couple of my listings to give you an example - I think I actually have like 15 different lots up for sale... I just can't resist them!

Lot of 8 Embossed Birthday Cards

Lot of 5 Vintage Sunshine Birthday Cards

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tons of goodness ending tonight!

I've been so wrapped up this weekend shopping and working on my new project that a lot of the cool stuff I have up for auction that I wanted to show you is ending tonight!

The main thing I just have to share is this totally fab Enid Collins box purse titled Wise Guy - look at that adorable retro owl! I have drooled over these purses before, but never thought I would be lucky enough to find one - but I did! I am going to try to do a featured collectible post about Enid Collins later this week, so stay tuned...

Ok, I really am torn about these Dakin hugging monkeys - like, I hesitate to even tell you about them because I am afraid they will sell!

See, I had these cuties when I was small - in fact, they were born the same year I was, 1975. I loved them to pieces, literally. So when I saw them at a sale, in MINT condition - I had to snatch them up! The lady said they have never been played with, just displayed on a shelf.

At first I was going to keep them, not only because I had them when I was a kid, but because Will has a "thing" for monkeys - actually when we first started seeing each other, he used to call me Little Miss Monkey! He was ready to put them on his shelf next to the pink Love monkey I got him for valentine's a couple of years ago... they certainly made a cute little group!

But, of course, practicality won out and I listed them. If they don't sell, I may just go ahead and keep them - or put them in my brand new Etsy shop.

Oh, wait - I didn't mention that I started a new Etsy shop this week, did I? It's called Vintage Goodness Too, and it will be focused on vintage children's items. Nothing is in it yet, but it is all set up and ready for me to start filling it up! A few things I am putting up for auction this week will end up there if they don't sell, like these:

Miller Studios chalkware puppy dog plaques - how cute would these be in baby's nursery!

I have a whole bunch of other things of course - kids books, dolls, games, ephemera - that are probably skipping eBay and going straight into the shop...

Ok before I go, I have to show you one other thing that is ending later this week... Remember the post I did on vintage Ouija Boards? I found a 1960's Parker Brothers board:

And guess where I found it - a church sale! Too funny....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Featured Collectible - Vintage Chenille Bedspreads

I've found a couple vintage Chenille bedspreads in the past - but nothing as amazing as this one! I about died when I found it this weekend, crumpled on the bed at an estate sale. The colors are gorgeous, and the pattern is really sweet - a heart flanked by spring flowers:

These spreads are highly collectible, and they come in a wide variety of colors, styles and patterns. I was so excited to find a couple catalog pages on Wish Book Web featuring Chenille spreads!

Look at these original prices!! Unreal... From Sears, 1942 (click to enlarge):

From Spiegel, 1942 (again, click to enlarge - you gotta see the detail!):

Of course I had to poke around eBay and see the others that are currently up for sale. I was shocked there were so many! Most of them have a very cottage chic type of vibe, like this beauty:

Others are much more, to put it delicately... um... wild. Yeah, that works. I think my favorites are those featuring peacocks - not for the faint of heart! Check out this over the top gem:

I also fell in love with this really unique hearts pattern - it's like a valentine made of fabric!

Ahhh, if only I had a few guest bedrooms to decorate...

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Where the hell have I been?

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I swear. I'm just letting you guys miss me, that's all. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that. Right?

Really I've just been busy busy, as always. I have a brand new project I am working on - and it's big. Like, I'm probably crazy for taking on the task - but I am so excited about it! I am hoping to be able to launch later this week. I can't make any promises though, I made the mistake of starting a project while Mercury is retrograde, so I've had plenty of stumbling blocks! I'm working it all out though, so stay tuned...

I've been shopping like crazy - there were so many sales the last couple of weekends I was almost overwhelmed. I got some killer stuff too - I'll be listing some of it over the next few days, I'll post about it for sure!

I have also been making an effort to list a few new things on Etsy every day. I am moving all of the clothes I've been listing on eBay over to Etsy if they don't sell - in fact, all the ones I showed you before are now on Etsy, plus a lot more, and more to come!

Check out the amazing vintage tin toy pins/badges I listed also - they are mint on card! The sale I got them from was selling all kinds of old toys and prizes from the 60's and 70's, the kind that were prizes at county fairs.

Bugs! Ladybugs, dragonflies, bees... and cockroaches? ;)