Saturday, June 21, 2008

Now Open! - The Vintage List - Online Vintage Shop Directory

Finally, I can tell you about my new project - The Vintage List! This is going to be a long post, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in... :)

What Is It, And Why Now?:

It used to be that there were only one or two places where most people sold Vintage online, which made it simple for buyers and sellers to find each other. Times are changing though - in the new Web 2.0 environment, a lot of sellers are opening multiple shops on a variety of different venues, and/or on their own websites.

I realized that having one central directory that lists all the various stores from around the web would be a great solution for buyers and sellers alike! It is my hope that the List will become the #1 source for quality 20th century collectibles on the internet. No use dreaming small, huh? ;)

For Buyers:

Vintage buyers and collectors are a savvy and passionate bunch - for most of us, it is more of a way of life than just a hobby or a passing fad! It is my hope that The Vintage List will become the first stop on every vintage geek's online treasure hunt, because they will know that the sites listed are of the highest quality, containing only authentic vintage merchandise from trusted sellers who make customer service their top priority.

Each shop listed is personally looked over and approved by me, if they meet a set of pre-established standards:
- 85% of their inventory is from the 1920's through the 1970's
- New inventory is added on a regular basis
- At least 20 items for sale at all times
- Feedback scores are 95% and above on those venues that allow Feedback ratings

Also, the directory allows users to rate listings using a star system, and also to leave comments - it's a fun way to let shops know how they are doing, and to let other buyers know which shops you have had great experiences with!

For Sellers:

Making your shops known to buyers is a daunting task, but if we can come together as allies instead of as competitors, I believe the entire online vintage community will benefit. By listing our shops on one central directory, we can make it much easier for buyers to find us, and to find that special something that they are hunting for!

Regular Listing: $15 for 3 months, paid via PayPal - one URL listing into 2 categories

Featured Listing: $30 for 3 months, paid via PayPal - one URL listing into 2 categories
, placement at the top of the category page, and in the Featured Listings box

Life On The V-List & The Vintage List Blog:

Included in the price of listing is membership to a private forum community for vintage sellers called Life On The V-List. My vision for this community is to create a group where we can "talk shop", share ideas, resources, and knowledge, and generally support one another as we each work toward our common goal - building an amazing online vintage business! We could also hold sales or promotions as a group as well... the possibilities are pretty endless!

Also, as a member you will be able to submit articles to The Vintage List Blog, to highlight your business, promotions that you are running, or to share information about your area of expertise. The blog will also have a link list to all member blogs that are listed in the Blog category.

Introductory Special!

For a limited time when you purchase a paid listing, you can list your blog in the Blog category for free for 1 year, as long as you place a reciprocal link on your blog back to the List! Click here for the details...

To Wrap This Up, Finally:

Needless to say, I am really excited! If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at


Kari said...

This is a wonderful idea. Kudos for putting it all together. Looks fabulous!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow! great job!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Awesome job Mitzi!!! Great work! I will get my "I got listed" link up tonight! I wish you and all of us on the V-list the best of luck!! And I will be passing out fliers at my next antique flea market as well as putting them in my shipping boxes to let everyone know about it!!!!

Monica said...

That is great!!! If I start up my selling again it will be great!!!! Best of luck!!!!

Mama Brook said...

Hey lady!

The vintage list sounds great! I'll definitely have to get on board after my move. I'm selling out all my inventory now and I won't be back online till the end of September. Then I'll be back in full force!

Unknown said...

Great job - the website looks awesome! One suggestion: can you add a link to view all the websites at once? Especially while the list is short, it'd be nice to see all the shops on one page.