Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tons of goodness ending tonight!

I've been so wrapped up this weekend shopping and working on my new project that a lot of the cool stuff I have up for auction that I wanted to show you is ending tonight!

The main thing I just have to share is this totally fab Enid Collins box purse titled Wise Guy - look at that adorable retro owl! I have drooled over these purses before, but never thought I would be lucky enough to find one - but I did! I am going to try to do a featured collectible post about Enid Collins later this week, so stay tuned...

Ok, I really am torn about these Dakin hugging monkeys - like, I hesitate to even tell you about them because I am afraid they will sell!

See, I had these cuties when I was small - in fact, they were born the same year I was, 1975. I loved them to pieces, literally. So when I saw them at a sale, in MINT condition - I had to snatch them up! The lady said they have never been played with, just displayed on a shelf.

At first I was going to keep them, not only because I had them when I was a kid, but because Will has a "thing" for monkeys - actually when we first started seeing each other, he used to call me Little Miss Monkey! He was ready to put them on his shelf next to the pink Love monkey I got him for valentine's a couple of years ago... they certainly made a cute little group!

But, of course, practicality won out and I listed them. If they don't sell, I may just go ahead and keep them - or put them in my brand new Etsy shop.

Oh, wait - I didn't mention that I started a new Etsy shop this week, did I? It's called Vintage Goodness Too, and it will be focused on vintage children's items. Nothing is in it yet, but it is all set up and ready for me to start filling it up! A few things I am putting up for auction this week will end up there if they don't sell, like these:

Miller Studios chalkware puppy dog plaques - how cute would these be in baby's nursery!

I have a whole bunch of other things of course - kids books, dolls, games, ephemera - that are probably skipping eBay and going straight into the shop...

Ok before I go, I have to show you one other thing that is ending later this week... Remember the post I did on vintage Ouija Boards? I found a 1960's Parker Brothers board:

And guess where I found it - a church sale! Too funny....


Barbara said...

Hi, Mitzi - I can't believe I haven't seen your blog, either, but I'm glad I found it. Awfully cute stuff you've found!

Lorraine said...

a ouija board, seriously in a church someone was naughty and I wuld have bought day