Saturday, June 16, 2012

New goodness on eBay this week!

I had yet another mishap here at Vintage Goodness headquarters this week - my bead board photo backdrop tipped over, knocking one of my lamps over, breaking its oh-so-not-cheap Ott Lite light bulb. I took a few photos, but having one regular light bulb and one Ott Lite just didn't work too well. Luckily I had some things to scan in, so I got those listed plus a few other goodies... :)

(Fun story on these - they were hidden under a bed at an estate sale all weekend, I found them during the last few hours of the sale because someone bought the bed! Score! hehe)

(This catalog has the coolest ceiling and pendant lights EVER in it! Seriously! Click over to check out a few more scans from inside...)

(This little booklet has the BEST vintage interior illustrations!)

There's a few more things besides these listed as well - click on over to check it all out! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New goodness on Etsy - plus a coupon!

I've been doing a pretty good job tackling the backlog of vintage paper that I have to list on Etsy - it's nice to finally be reducing the mountain somewhat, anyway. :)

Before I show you the stuff I've gotten up since last time I did an Etsy update, I want to make sure you see the post that Pam over at Retro Renovation did about my Marionette prints - not only is it a wonderful, though provoking post, but it also includes a coupon that I created for my Etsy shop just for Retro Renovation readers! It's only good through the end of June, so don't hesitate, if there is something that you want, now's the time to snatch it up...

Ok, on to the goodies:

I scored a nice lot of these 1940's grocery store posters, I've already sold several of them actually, so I don't expect the rest to be around for too much longer!

I found an entire folio of these super cute prints from 1959 that were used as salesman samples, to help customers choose which images they wanted to put on top of calendars - I got almost 50 listings out of just this one find! :)

I only found 3 of these amazing pet health posters - I just love them, I wish I would have found more!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Score - Another GE Clock Radio!

Remember back in March when I posted about the vintage GE "wake to music" alarm clock radio I scored for a mere $3 at an estate sale? I'd been searching for one for a while, because my parents had one when I was a kid that I used to listen to all the time. The one I found was very similar to the one they had, but it wasn't the exact one...

Well, this weekend I found what I think is the exact one they had. 30 years or so makes the memory a little fuzzy of course, but this one set off all the recognition bells in my head when I saw it:

It was only $2 and it works like a dream. :) The really great thing about it, other than it being an exact match, is it has FM as well as AM reception. No more waking up to Rush Limbaugh and traffic reports! I can wake up to actual music! Alas, still no snooze button though...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Featured Collectible - Vintage Marionettes

My latest mini obsession is with vintage marionettes - first I listed the amazing 1950's marionette prints in my Etsy shop, then I scored a pair of Puppinettes marionettes that I have listed on eBay. This of course led me to looking at all the other old marionettes that are available out there - and let me tell you, I am in love! They would be so fun to have sitting on a bookshelf, or hanging on the back of a door. Or hanging anywhere you want them really, seeing as how they usually conveniently have strings already attached to them... ;)

Here are just some of my favorites that I have found in my searches - some of them are way out of my league as far as price goes, but others are really reasonable...