Sunday, February 6, 2011

Featured Collectible - Vintage Shooting Targets

I have a new mini obsession - vintage shooting targets. While I'm not really into guns, the graphic impact and slightly creepy aura of these is a combination I can't resist! Some of them are just begging to be framed and hung as a group...

(This big pack of 100 targets is especially tempting - that's enough to paper a wall, or to do something else super crafty with...)

If these are a little too creepy for you, check out some of the shooting gallery targets and toy and game targets that are out there - they are equally as cool, and often a lot more colorful:

 Vintage American Carriage Toy Safe-T-Dart Tin Target

What do you think? Am I way out in left field thinking these are something to decorate your home with? Or can you share my vision?