Monday, November 26, 2012

Vintage knee hugger elves for Elf on the Shelf!

Unless you've been living under a rock the last couple of years, you've probably heard of Elf on the Shelf - it's become a really popular Christmas tradition for folks with young kids.

People come up with really creative ideas - I surfed around Pinterest the other day and collected some fun ones - click on over if you want to see Mr. Elf in action!

It really seems like the demand for, and selling prices of, vintage knee hugger elves has gone up this year. I can only conclude it is the popularity of Elf On The Shelf that is behind it - maybe parents want different kinds of elves to use, or to make Elf On The Shelf parties? I don't know. The official Elf on the Shelf certainly looks a lot like the vintage versions, so I can see why people would be looking to give him some friends that are similar but not exactly the same...

Here are some great vintage knee hugger elves I found that are up on eBay right now, any - or all! - of them would be perfect to use with Elf on the Shelf, or just to give a bit of extra cuteness to a retro styled Christmas...

(I love the stripey sweaters!)

(these guys are all hat - love them!)

(these have a bit of a different look to them!)

(check out the pointy noses, and bells! too cute!)

(these guys look like someone spiked the egg nog lol)

(so dapper in their saucy tophats!)

(these are all pretty unique...)

(too cute!)

(flying, or falling down, take your pick! lol)

Now, here's the real question - could a grown ass woman with no kids in the house justify buying a couple elves to play Elf on the Shelf this year? Maybe. Just maybe. ;) 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New goodness at auction on eBay this week!

Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend really helped motivate me to get a lot of things listed at auction this week - there's no way I could show them all to you here, so I'll just pick out a few of my faves... Click on over if you want to see everything! And don't forget, everything is on sale in my Etsy shop this weekend too - 25% OFF, just enter coupon code BFCM2012 at checkout. :)

(Doesn't this remind you of the grumpy cat?)

(See the resemblance? lol)

(I LOVE this pattern! I was SO tempted to keep it...)

Friday, November 23, 2012

25% OFF everything in my Etsy shop this weekend!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!! The holiday shopping season has officially begun, so to celebrate I created a 25% OFF coupon code in my Etsy shop - it will be good from now until Cyber Monday night, November 26th. Just enter the code BFCM2012 at checkout to get the discount! Happy hunting! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New goodness on eBay and Etsy this week!

Besides my Christmas stash that I showed you the other day, I did list a few other goodies at auction this week. Plus, I've been adding new stuff to the Etsy shop and not doing a very good job about posting those things here, as usual. So today we have a double whammy post! ;)

First up, eBay:

Can you tell I dug out all my measuring cups to list this week? lol

Next up, Etsy - paper goodies first:

I listed 10 of these total - they are all amazing. :)

(I listed a bunch of these, and have a TON more to list,
I'm not anywhere near finished with them!)

(I have several different ones, all are pretty funny in that
gag gift kinda way!) 

(I have several of these also!)

Finally, other random Etsy goodness:

Ok that's more than enough for one post! I'm sure there's some stuff I missed, if you want to browse around either of my shops the links are always there at the top, under the header on every page of the blog. :)