Saturday, November 17, 2012

New goodness on eBay and Etsy this week!

Besides my Christmas stash that I showed you the other day, I did list a few other goodies at auction this week. Plus, I've been adding new stuff to the Etsy shop and not doing a very good job about posting those things here, as usual. So today we have a double whammy post! ;)

First up, eBay:

Can you tell I dug out all my measuring cups to list this week? lol

Next up, Etsy - paper goodies first:

I listed 10 of these total - they are all amazing. :)

(I listed a bunch of these, and have a TON more to list,
I'm not anywhere near finished with them!)

(I have several different ones, all are pretty funny in that
gag gift kinda way!) 

(I have several of these also!)

Finally, other random Etsy goodness:

Ok that's more than enough for one post! I'm sure there's some stuff I missed, if you want to browse around either of my shops the links are always there at the top, under the header on every page of the blog. :)

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