Saturday, May 17, 2008

Springfield Scores!

Out of the thousands of things I looked at at the flea market on Friday, these were the only ones that managed to find their way home with me. Honestly it is more than I was expecting to come home with - it was a very pleasant surprise to find so many cool things at prices I could handle!

My first purchase of the day was the box of vintage Christmas cards - they are so cute! The chalkware bird plaques I really love, they are from Miller Studios. I'm tempted to add them to my bird collection in my kitchen, but I can't - rent is due soon!

I couldn't pass up these adorable Lacquer Ware containers from Japan. Their hats come off so you can put candy, nuts or trinkets in their heads, and their heads also come off so you can put even more what-nots in their bellies!

The two floral trays are also from Japan, they are actually painted paper mache. I sold one recently, I guess they are pretty hot right now - so I was super happy to find them!

I was also very happy to find a nice big set of 8 burlap melmac tumblers - a couple of weeks ago I found the ice bucket that goes with them! So now I have a nice juicy set to list, which always makes my day. :) The pitcher is the polka dot Federal glass one I mentioned in my last post, it isn't marked, but there was one stray matching glass on the table that had their little F in a shield logo on it.

And last but certainly not least, I found this awesome Kromex aluminum canister set! I was excited to find it, in the past the ones I have seen were either in really bad shape, or there was only one lonely canister to be had...

I had a good shopping day today out at the sales too, but I'll wait to show you those things once they are listed, except for this:

1968 - and I got it for one dollar!! Now all I need is 1956... Don't worry, scans will be posted eventually, after I finish up with the ones from the 1961 version, which is on my to do list - I swear!


The Nostalgic Nugget said...

Hey Mitzi,

I pulled a tendon in my butt and then my whole house has been fighting a weather change flu.

I just happen to pop on for a few minutes but I am not on a lot since I can't sit in the chair too long. Slowly healing and I re-pulled it twice..trying to get things done on the days I felt better and paid for hopefully soon I will be back in the swing of things

Thanks for the kind email.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

I knew you'd find some cool stuff you could use!! Good deal!

Mama Brook said...

Love the Japanese canisters!!

I have that BH & G decorating book too. I have 56, 61, 69, and 76. DO you happen to know if there were any other years? I also have the sewing, handy man's guide, and the gardening book. I think I have the start of a collection :)

Another collection, just what I need right?

modelt30 said...

Hi Mitzi,
I just found your blog through Ring Surf. I live near Middletown, Oh. The Springfield show looked like fun. I've never heard about it. I went to Traders World in Monroe over the weekend. Not quite the flea market you went to but fun to look. Anyway, just wanted to say Hello and I like your cool finds.