Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FREE Vintage Ballet Dance Clipart!

I have been working on getting some ephemera packs together to list on Etsy, and among them will be pieces from the vintage 50's and 60's Dance magazines that I got a couple of months ago. I scanned in some of my favorite bits, I left them extra large in case you want to download them and use them! :) (click to enlarge them to their full size)

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Becky said...

Oh! How adorable!!

Thanks so very much!

the letters i wish i'd written... said...

I got tickets for my first ever ballet today and have just stumbled upon your delightful blog, tis the cherry on my ballet cake!

Kelly George said...

i love these, thank you!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Wow! These are nice. They have sort of inspired an idea for a spring party invitation...maybe a little hand-coloring and a dash of glitter?

Thanks for sharing!


prashant said...
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