Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintage Youngstown Steel Kitchen Cabinet Brochures

At the same sale where I found the vintage JC Penney catalog, I also scored TWO vintage Youngstown steel kitchen cabinet sales brochures. I won't waste a bunch of time talking about them - I can sum it up pretty neatly with one word - LOVE. (Click the photos to enlarge!)

From Brochure #1:
From Brochure #2:
Before Shot (which I also love!):
After Shot (love again, of course!):
If you have any interest in vintage steel kitchen cabinets, or in retro styled kitchens in general, these are a must have! Click on over if you want to place a bid, they are up for auction right now! :)

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Terri ( Meterr) said...

I live in a 1950 cape cod and we have these exact cabinets in our laundry room and our shed. They must have taken them down when the kitchen was remodeled. The shelves are so short, its hard to fit anything in them! They are also very heavy!

Becky said...

Love these!! I dream of such a kitchen in our house.

Mimi said...

Drooooooool. I dream of cooking up some retro recipes in a kitchen like these!

Anonymous said...

I have this cabinets in my kitchen, but whoever installed them skimped, and all of our corners are dead space. And like Terri said, the shelve heights are short and awkward.

I was in LOVE with them before we moved in but not so much now.

Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

Awww, I'm sad to hear about their functionality being a little lacking... :(

Old Paper said...

Did you see that you could get a double sink that's 66 inches wide?
A 5.5 foot wide sink! WILD.

This is a great find.

Blackberry said...

Love these kitchens- thanks for posting them!

Interior Designers Chicago said...

Amazing designs of kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinet Maker said...

I love the look of these retro kitchen cabinets. I'm not sure I could live with a pink kitchen though. We once had a vintage pink bathroom and I think that was enough for me.

The cabinet design looks easy enough though. Just flat face cabinet doors. That's pretty easy to replicate.