Sunday, July 18, 2010

A quick update + new goodness on eBay this week!

I can't believe it has been over 2 weeks since I posted last... time flies when you have a million irons in the fire like I do! Not only is Swap Vintage growing and taking up more of my time, I started a weekend work at home gig last weekend - so the "free time" I had on the weekends is pretty much gone. Another day, another dollar though - it's all a good thing! :)

It is also the height of sale season here in Central Ohio - you should see my incoming inventory shelves, they are packed! I'll show you a few of the things that are up for auction right now, then later I need to come back and do a post about the 40+ vintage Vogue pattern catalogs I am working on getting listed - oh yeah, they are AWESOME. :)

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Becky said...

I know I am gonna want at least one Vogue pattern book!!!!!

I think I'll move to Ohio so I can go shopping with you!

cellar door said...

You have a lovely blog! I too am obssesed with all things vintage (much to my boyfriends horror) and have a bit of a shopping addiction when it comes to these things. You have some beautiful things.