Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oddities on Discovery - Creepy Vintage Goodness

Last week I stumbled across a really great show on Discovery called Oddities. It is about a shop in New York called Obscura, that deals in antiques - but not your average, pretty things or fun, mod things - they are more into old taxidermy, bones, scary antique medical equipment, and other weirdness.

It normally airs at 10:30pm EST on Thursdays. Sadly, Discovery doesn't post full episodes on their website (unlike A&E, which lets me get my Hoarders fix whenever I want, and let me have my own mini marathon of the new storage unit auction show Storage Wars the other day, which I really enjoyed).

Luckily, they are running a marathon of Oddities this morning from 9am EST to 1pm EST - it looks like they are playing all 6 episodes that have aired so far, so it's a great chance to catch up on what I've missed!


Charlotte said...

I found these shows also! Some are creepy! Have you seen the one where the lady collects toenail clippings and makes jewelry with it !!!! Happy New Year! Thank God for the DVR!

Unknown said...

Oh man, I think if I come home with a head under glass, well - First my family with think I've finally lost it with the second-handing and yeah - I will have to agree!

Just found your blog and I'm off to peruse :)


Lisa said...

I hope I catch this episode! I'm not super macabre but I do love a good display of medical oddities. Have you seen the Mutter museum in Philadelphia? I caught a similar kind of program featuring that museum on Discovery or A&E years ago... I don't know if I could take it in real life but it was fun to watch it on tv!

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love a bit of Taxidermy!
Just found your blog and am very much enjoying it! Will be following you from now on love!
Sadie xxx

Julie Ross said...

Omg! I caught an episode of this one night. Some guy had a mummified cat. Cool show.

Michelle Link said...

I have been watching this show! Its pretty cool!!! Neat shop!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Actually just watched my first episode tonight. Will be watching the other 7 shortly.

I`m loving the items they have in their shop. Probably couldn`t afford any of the items I`d want, but a boy can dream.

Shutters said...

wow, wish we could get that show in the uk. would love to see some of the amazing creepy stuff!