Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My vintage costume jewelry inventory is up for grabs!

Update - the lot is SOLD! :)

Ok peeps, here's the deal - I've decided to get out of the vintage costume jewelry biz. The reasons are many and varied, but the result is that I've decided to sell my entire stockpile of jewelry in one big lot! I was originally thinking I would list it at auction on eBay, but when I started to work on getting it ready to list, I realized I was looking at hours and hours of work... Not fun!

So, I thought I would offer it up here instead... if you love old jewelry and you want to score some for yourself on the super cheap, this is a great opportunity! Or, if you are a dealer, this is your chance to buy a whole lot of pieces to resell for a tiny investment.

I don't know how many pieces I have total - a rough guess would be between 100 and 200... Some of it was listed on Etsy for a while, some of it I never got around to listing. Most of the pieces are unsigned, but there are a few signed ones - Sarah Coventry, Monet, Trifari, Gerry's, Avon, and Coro are a few of the brands I think are in there, and there could be a few others.

There is a good selection of pins and brooches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets (including a couple charm bracelets). Here is the first bit I got photographed - just the tip of the iceberg (click to enlarge):

I'm asking $150.00 for the whole lot - and shipping is included in that price. Whatta deal, huh? The first person to email me at vintagegoodness@gmail.com gets it, so don't wait! :)


Nelly said...

I emailed you but just realised how long ago you posted the message.Bummer oh well such is life and Well done whoever nabbed it all.Now if you are selling any vintage outfits let me know lol

Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

Hi Nelly, one person has emailed me, I haven't received payment yet, if for some reason the deal falls through I will let you know! :)