Sunday, January 29, 2012

New On eBay - 1970's Heavy Metal Magazines

Here is a find that I had to almost literally pry out of my boyfriend Will's greedy fingers - a big lot of 1970's Heavy Metal magazines. Billed as "The Adult Illustrated Fantasy Magazine" it is pretty risque - so is the movie that was made in 1981, based on the magazines. If you have ever lived with a person of the male persuasion, or if you actually are a person of the male persuasion, I would imagine you have seen it... ;)

 I much prefer the South Park Heavy Metal episode:

Included in the lot I found is the much coveted #1 issue - SCORE!!:


Vanessa said...

I'm female and ADORE Heavy Metal magazine and the movies. Scooore on the magazines!!!

I was raised with twin elder bros to be fair, though ;)

Dale Brown said...

The magazine is OK although he covers tend to be the best part . The movie is surprisingly good for it's age and the soundtrack is excellent.

EPÏC JÖL said...

South Park guys said it's a really really bad movie? Seriously? South Park is so tired and boring. It was never funny to begin with. And the designs and animation? Talent-free. Heavy Metal was/is/always will be AWESOME!!! A true classic. A masterpiece. Perfect. Getcher greedy, selfish claws off your boyfriend's stuff!