Thursday, March 15, 2012

The World's Largest Vintage Table Lamp - It's Mine!

My dad's auctioneer friend had an auction last week and I went a little nuts bidding. It was a wonderland of kitsch and craziness that I just couldn't resist! I won't even bother to sing the blues to you all about the great stuff I lost, because I managed to come away with enough goodness to make me quite the happy camper... It is all getting listed for sale of course (look for a post on that stuff this weekend!) except for this:

It is the world's largest vintage table lamp. No, really - the thing is a full 60" (5 feet!) tall from the bottom to the top of the shade. The body is ceramic, and there is a glass globe that the shade sits on. (The shade itself measures a whopping 19" across and 25" tall!) I wish I could have gotten a better photo of it, but the light in my office is terrible - hence my decision to bid on the world's largest table lamp. It does help quite a bit - and it has a 3-way switch so if I don't want it full on I can tone it down a bit.

The only thing I can think is that it was designed to sit on one of those low to the ground mid-century end tables. I don't think it was meant to be a floor lamp - I mean it looks like a table lamp in every other regard, except for its ridiculous size. Whatever the deal is, it doesn't really matter - I'm in love and I declare it an $11.00 well spent! :)


DearHelenHartman said...

Amazing find and for $11! Have seen lots of those tall lamps and no idea where they would fit.

Unknown said...

Very cool! Nice find, and for an awesome price too.

bopfish said...


Floor Lamps said...

Fabulous lamps! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I absolutely love it!