Saturday, September 6, 2014

Introducing Vintage Weekend - Online Antiques & Collectibles Show!

It's finally super secret project announcement time! Drum roll please... ;) 

What I've done is gathered together some of my amazing vintage selling friends to try out a new way for people to buy and sell antiques and collectibles online - it's based on the traditional real world flea market / antique show experience, only it's all done on the web instead of out in a field!

The show will happen once a month, Friday through Sunday - hence the Vintage Weekend name. All the dealers will open up their shops ONLY for the weekend of the show. From what I've heard from everyone, they will be offering up a lot of fresh finds - stuff they haven't listed anywhere else before. I know I have personally been stockpiling stuff for the last month or so, saving it specifically for my Vintage Weekend shop!

There is a complete dealer list on the website, and also there are category pages that will lead you to dealers that have items in that category available during the show. Payment is through PayPal, and shipping to the USA is FREE.

The best way to stay up to date with all the Vintage Weekend news is to sign up for the email newsletter - especially if you want show date reminders! I'll also use that list to put out a call for new dealers, when we get to that point...

I also set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account (Pinterest is coming soon!). Give us a follow, it should be a fun show! :)


PurpleTucker said...

Cool idea. I've signed up for the newsletter and will be checking it out.

Unknown said...

How does one become a seller?

Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

Hi Diane, sign up for the newsletter, and you will get an email when I start accepting applications - thanks! :D