Monday, November 17, 2014

Antique Mall Booth Report - October 2014

A better month, hooray! November is looking pretty good so far too... The new owners are now officially in charge, so my rent is going up a bit, but they have implemented a system where we get daily email updates on sales, which is awesome. They are also setting up a direct deposit system for getting paid, how cool is that?

Here's the last set of booth photos I took, a couple of weeks ago:

October 2014

Framed Horse Racing Print $40.00
4 Vintage Cookbooks $20.00
Cake Carrier $19.80
Pyrex Canister $6.00
Cityscape Print $27.90
Red Metal Lamp $35.00
Printer's Tray $30.00
Macrame Plant Hanger $8.00
Owl String Art $31.50
Black Metal Clothes Hamper $30.00

Total Sales: $248.20
- Rent: $72.00
- Commission: $23.55

Total Profit: $152.65 (not including cost of items)

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