Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bawidamann - New School Pin-Ups!

I have a real soft spot for old school pin-up girl art - think Vargas, Elvgren, Armstrong, Ballantyne, Bass, etc. There are contemporary artists out there that are doing pin-up work, but none have managed to make a real impression on me - until now!

Andrew Bawidamann is right here in Columbus, Ohio - hi neighbor! - and his artwork is amazing. He takes the old pin-up art form and twists it, giving it a unique and stylized modern look. He does a lot of military themed girls which are a big hit with our soldiers!

His work seems to be popular with the tattoo crowd also, no surprise there - how cool would this be as a tattoo?

Ahh, if only I wasn't such a wuss with a needle phobia...

Anyway, here is the link to his site, be sure to stop by and check it out!


Vintage Indie said...

Very cool! Great post & nice blog!

Have a great day!

Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

Hi there, thanks for the nice comment! I went to check your blog out - love the title! - but it's blank... are you just starting?

Pam Kueber said...

Hi, Mitzi. I am wondering if you'd like to also host the year-end Useless but Wonderful contest on your website. I'm thinking of asking some of the others on my blogroll as well. We could all take in entries and make it a collaborative thing. Let me know if you're interested.

Link to my post:

Take care, Pam

Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

Hi Pam, that sounds fun! Do you just want me to post an entry about it sending people your way, and/or put a link on my sidebar? Let me know!