Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some of the newness at auction this week...

I know the week is only halfway done, but I've listed some really great stuff so I couldn't wait to show it off! I'm hitting it hard again tonight, so I will probably be back with Part 2 in a couple of days... ;)

Vintage Japan Sitting Pose Doll - I almost fainted when I found this beauty - she is flawless!

Vintage Musical Doll - Made in Japan - Check her out! She is flawless too - and she plays music!

Set of 2 Vintage Reverse Painted Convex Glass Silhouettes - I just love these.

Vintage West Germany Nesting Blocks - The illustrations on these are *amazing*!

Vintage Train Case with Mirror - LOVE this color of blue!!

Vintage Fisher Price Cash Register - I had this exact toy when I was a kid, I think my parents still have it actually!

Vintage Black Steel Rural Mailbox - Mint in Box! - Never used? What a find. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

love the cash register! my children used to have one of those.

Anonymous said...

Love the cash register. I had one as a child and remember playing with it.

Thrifted Treasure said...

You have the BEST stuff!! I LOVE those vintage blocks!

Anonymous said...

the first doll is korean, not japanese. she is wearing a traditional korean "hanbok".