Friday, January 16, 2009

Vintage Costume Jewelry - Finally!

Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but I have finally started tackling the huge pile of vintage jewelry that's been sitting on my shelf for a whole lot longer than I care to admit! It's been a blast sorting it, I'd forgotten about so many cool pieces...

I've been listing them at auction on eBay (with a bit of success!), and whatever doesn't sell will be moved to my Etsy store. Here are just a couple of the Etsy listings I just finished up:

Enamel and Rhinestone Antique Telephone Pin Set

Vintage Travel Charm Bracelet

Vintage Rhinestone Basket Locket Necklace

I've also got some really amazing things up at auction right now, here's just a taste:

Set of 2 Vintage Enamel Badge Pins (you don't know how tempted I am to keep these!)

Vintage Sterling Silver Rhinestone Brooch

Vintage Trifari Virgo Zodiac Sign Pin

Vintage Avon Owl Pendant Necklace

Sarah Coventry Taste of Honey Necklace & Earrings Set

Vintage Amber Rhinestone Necklace

If you want to check out the rest, just head on over to my eBay store or my Etsy shop - and there is still more to come! :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. The telephone is particularly nice, I think.

Erin said...

Oh how I love pretty little things!

red.neck chic said...

I am droooooooooooooooooooooling over ALL of the shiny sparkly things!!!