Saturday, December 15, 2012

New goodness on eBay and Etsy this week!

I decided to tackle the backlog of paper items that I have waiting to be listed on Etsy this week - I made a small dent, with hopefully much more to come between now and the end of the year. I did list a few auctions also though, let me show you those first then I'll give you a peek at the new stuff in the Etsy shop. :)

I listed three of the six genie bottle decanters, I'll list the other three next week:

I also listed three of the flatware sets I picked up at the estate sales a couple weeks ago:

And a few other random goodies:

And, the paper on Etsy...

I scored a nice lot of 1950's grocery store trading stamp posters, there are 4 of each design, and I don't think any of them were ever hung, just folded and stored away... 

I listed all the Nicholas Volpe Academy Award winner prints that I have, except for Jimmy Stewart - I kept that one. :) Cliff over at Immortal Ephemera has a great post about the history of the set, if you want to read a bit more about it. Here are a couple of my favorites (besides Jimmy!), or click on over if you want to see them all:

I started listing maps from a big set I scored a while back, they are 1970's reproductions of really old maps from the 1500s-1800s. Very colorful, and they have a blurb on them with a bit of history about the map and the area during the time, pretty neat! I'm not done listing all that I have, but if you want to see what I've got up so far just click on over to check them out.

And finally, I am plugging away at listing the photo flash cards I posted about a couple weeks ago - I was rewarded for my efforts yesterday, I sold one to a TV show! The lady said she wasn't allowed to tell me the name, but gave me a hint, so I am pretty sure which one it is going to... Here's a hint for you, maybe you can guess too:

Here is the one they bought:

Click on over if you want to see the rest, I still have a LOT more to list, but I'm making progress on the stack, slowly but surely... :)


Dude ! said...

Awesome signs-love to find some like them and flip them on eBay!

Dude @

Becky said...

I want all of it!! Seriously cool finds. I was just telling Hubby today that I have actually made coffee on the stove top in a pot much like the one you posted!