Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vintage Decorating - 1950's Paint Color Chip Brochures

I was digging through the basement at an estate sale a while back, and found a manilla envelope full of vintage paint chip brochures - you gotta love the folks who never throw anything away! A couple of them are dated 1957, so I'm assuming they are all from around that time... Before I list them I figured I should scan in the chips to post here - they might be helpful to those folks who are retro renovating, and looking for authentic paint colors. Enjoy, and be sure to click to enlarge the scans so you can read the color names, there's some interesting ones! :)

Dean And Barry



Pratt & Lambert

Sears Harmony House

Sherwin Williams

(I had to scan this cover, love it!)


Montgomery Wards


Crystal in Texas said...

What a great find at that estate sale and thanks for sharing with us! We just painted a no-name MCM dresser with a Behr Brand called Jamaica Bay and Shiny Black Enamel Trim. I'm glad to know we picked period colors!

Patsy said...

That is a an incredible find, what an amazing vintage resource. Hang on to those! Love em.

Anonymous said...

Super fun! Great blog!

Sweet Woodruff said...

This is just too freaking cool. It's AWESOME. I covet.

Tikimama said...

Fantastic find! Wish I could own them all - I have a big paint chip weakness! Bookmarking this post for future reference, for sure :)

Jamie Monroe said...

You have the best information on the web for 1950 color schemes. Thank you so much!