Sunday, December 29, 2013

Featured Collectible - Vintage Ceramic Baby Nursery Planters

Every once in a while I run across a really cute vintage ceramic planter that was designed to be used in a baby's nursery - I don't think this is a universally popular thing to have in modern nurseries, but apparently back in the day it was quite the trend! There are tons of different styles, and it seems like most of them were made in Japan by companies like Napco, Relpo, Reubens, and others. I just listed this cute teddy bear one by Inarco in my Etsy shop the other day:

Let's have a look at some other cuties that I ran across when I was researching, there is a lot to love out there! If you know any vintage geeks that are expecting, I think one of these would be a big hit as a baby shower gift. :)


bopfish said...

Love the space capsule and astronaut!

Karen L said...

I love these too. Technically I don't think the trend was so much about having planters in the nursery. The tradition was to have flowers sent to the new mom at the hospital or home when a baby was born and the florists built the arrangements in these type of vases. If you had a few kids you could accumpulate quite a lot of these over time. :-)