Sunday, October 17, 2010

New on Etsy - Boy Scout Posters, Cardboard Signs, and More

I know I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to posting my straight to Etsy listings here on the blog - I think it is because I tend to post them on my Facebook profile when I list them, so I feel like I have already shown them off... Anyway, I've added some great new stuff lately so here I am to give you a peek! Click the links to see everything, I'll just post a few of my favorites as examples :)

I LOVE these - they are nice and large and have a great graphic impact!

These are so fun, I couldn't resist them!

Vintage Historical Figure Portrait Prints
These are a cool find, I'm guessing they were originally for use in schools...

Louisa May Alcott

Walt Whitman

Martin Luther King Jr.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Eloise Wilkin Children's Book Illustrations
Wilkin is one of my favorite illustrators - she just brings back so many bedtime story memories!


MyFancy's Author said...

Lovely! I especially like the Eloise Wilkins prints and the prayer book illustrations ... so sweet. :)

Miranda Whittle said...

I love the keep out of the kitchen sign.. and the portraits are great, It always strikes me as odd that no one really smiles and shows a bit of teeth in vintage portraits.

It reminds me of Drivers Licence photo's, Here in Oz they have just stopped you from smiling in your licence photos!