Saturday, October 2, 2010

What the heck does Faux Bois mean?

I ran across the term Faux Bois a few months ago, and I had to scratch my head - is that a real thing? What does it mean? Off to Wikipedia I ran:

"Faux Bois (from the French for false wood) refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media."

It's a fancy term for fake wood grain! Who knew? It seems to be a more popular term on Etsy than on eBay, for whatever reason. I meant to write a post about it then, but it slipped my mind until I found this the other day:

I would say this set is Faux Bois at it's finest... And it's Lincoln BeautyWare - one of my favorite vintage kitchenware brands!

It's kind of surprising how many vintage items were made with a wood grain design - it all screams 70's to me, though I'm sure some of it was created in other decades. Here's just a few cool things I found with a quick search around:

I could go on and on - the lesson here is fake wood grain isn't just for basement paneling - and if you give something a pretty french name, it immediately ups the cool factor! ;)


Becky said...

Oooooh, we be getting all high fa-luting now aren't we? ;)

How does one pronounciate "faux bois?"

Seriously, you found some dang cool stuff!

acorn hollow said...

I loooove the eye glass I would wear them now.

happileah said...

Ha! I just ran across "Faux Bois" recently and thought I was the only one around who had never heard of the term before...Thanks for the lesson :)

Alessandra said...

Hi! I love your blog! I am following!! Enjoy your week!!

Amber Von Felts said...

I like the eyeglasses the best! I saw that same canister set in a local thrift shop but it was pretty banged up. I was wondering if it was originally faux wood or if someone covered it with contact paper. Now I guess I know! Great post!